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TL Type S reliability after 100k miles

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Originally Posted by MrZuno View Post
If the TL-S has very similar transmission to the RL why do a 3x3 on the TL-S and a 3x7 on the RL? Sorry that could be an ignorant question, I'm pretty new to all this.
The RL only drain 2.5 quart each time instead of the 3 - 3.5 quart in the TL this because the retarded splash guard design in the RL.
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Originally Posted by bla8291 View Post
I'm at 182K and I have had so little trouble with it, it kind of scares me. I guess I've become accustomed to being around people who don't take care of their cars.

Well Said-

I agree. I want the relationship w my vehicle to last. I must keep it up...
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Maybe I have just been unlucky with my car, but no matter what I do, I just can't seem to get it to drive properly.

Purchased the car at 100,500 miles, currently have 112,300. Owned the car for 10 months now. Timing belt was done. Front and side engine mounts were done.
  • Battery dies on day 7 of owning. Replace and remove HFL to avoid any issues.
  • CEL comes on day 10 of owning - bad O2 sensor, dealer replaces on good will
  • Starter dies a month or two later.
  • OEM struts and springs were going, car was bouncing around on the highway, so I repalced with Tein Street Advance Z coilovers. Car stiffened up a lot.
  • LCA compliance bushings were torn, replaced with OEM bushings. Car seemed to be more stable at higher speeds (70MPH+).
  • Car was jerking between 1st and 2nd gear (5AT). I replaced 2 of the three tranny mounts that were torn. Jerking went away.
  • After lowering and replacing compliance bushings, car is shaking during acceleration. I replaced the axles with Raxles and still have the shaking. Issue is getting slightly worse every month. It has been 5 months since this issue has started. Still no fix. Dealership showed me some play in the inner joint of the passenger side axle.
Currently, the car drives like shit about 50% of the time I turn it on. Sometimes it's smooth, other times it's rough. For example, on my way to work today, it was a shitty drive. Something just feels really numb and loose. Bump steer is really bad right now. Steering wheel has some play that I don't like. About 100% sure I need another alignment, but most of the issues were prevalent prior to a good bottoming out where I scraped my subframe hard.

Generally, the car is shaking slightly at highway speeds. 90% of the shaking seems to be through the floor of the car, not the steering wheel. I do have some brake pulsation at higher speeds, but it's intermittent as well. I feel like this could all be related, but after 5 months, I'm so frustrated, I have no idea what to do next. Alignment is a must, but I know it won't fix some of the issues.

I'm beginning to think it's either a suspension related component or my rear engine mount. Car feels smooth accelerating downhills, but will shake going uphill. Again, it's intermittent, sometimes accelerating uphill, the car will be smooth. It's very strange and I lose sleep at night trying to figure out what is wrong.

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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by MrZuno View Post
Just bought a 07 Type S with 140k on it. Is there anything that I could do to make sure it has been taken care of. CARFAX shows last scheduled maintenance at 105k, but I'm going to call and verify that the Timing belt was replaced. Besides that should I do a trans flush or sea foam treatment? Don't know too much about sea foam but a lot of people on here swear by it.

Picture of your Type-S?
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Originally Posted by GhostTL09 View Post
Picture of your Type-S?

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Originally Posted by horseshoez View Post
Sounds like a lot of work and bother; glad I have a 6MT, drain and refill every 30,000 miles with 2.3 quarts of ACDelco Synchromesh Friction Modified.
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Originally Posted by mcmanut View Post
I'm at 261,000 on my 2008 Type S and it has been a great car. Outside of the regular services these are the only items that were replaced due to failure.

* Two Purge Control Valves to take care of the Tighen Gas Cap Message( One at 88k and one at 250k
* App Sensor was replaced around 230K when I received a message that it was not working correctly
* The XM Radio Unit needed to be replaced around 225K( Put one a used one on Ebay for $25.00

Everything else has been working great. Engine and Trans are solid with no leaks etc.

Good Luck!
Hey I have a 2008 Base 5AT with 92k miles and it won't rev past 2k rpms when in 5th gear. I put the pedal to the metal and it just doesn't budge. The transmissions shifts smoothly and all other gears operate as they should. Do you think replacing the app sensor would fix my issue?? I'm going to replace transmission fluid since I'm nearing 30k miles since the last drain and refill. I dont think there's anything physically wrong with the transmission though..
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I must have a lucky coin stuck in my dash somewhere, I have never experienced any major issue yet with either TL.
Currently I have 166k miles on my type-s 5AT and 178k on my type-s 6MT. The only issue I've had so far is the HFL burning out and a dead starter that was changed at 140k miles.
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I've got 112,000 on my '07 Type S-still runs great. Plus, when I walk away, I still look back at it and smile.
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I have 190,000 on my 07' Type S. The usual repairs-made myself-Lower compliance bushings, all motor mounts and upper transmission mount, rebuilt power steering pump-started leaking at 165,000 a $1.00 o-ring is really all you need!. All 4 struts-Koni Str.t's and getting ready to do the CV axles both sides. Also right front wheel bearing. All this would be kind of expensive at the dealer. Cheap if you can do things yourself, highly recommend it.
I love the car the more I own it, that's the weird part!
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153,000 miles here. The only thing that ever failed on me was the starter, but being a manual I could pop the clutch to get it going and it didn't leave me stranded. Everything else that was ever replaced was just normal wear and tear items.
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270K on my unofficial Type-S. I'm the original owner and although I've done a bunch of work over the last few years, I'm STILL flying high!
Much of the work performed by Paul, our star master mechanic in Nawth Jerzy...........

Timing Belt/Water pump
Clutch and Flywheel
Motor mounts
Valves adjusted
Rear stabilizer bar end links, bushings, and brackets
Spark plugs
All Hoses
Headlights and ignitor
Navigation DVD rebuilt
CD Player rebuilt
Bluetooth/HFL module
PCV Valve
Brake light switch
Rear brake calipers
Bulbs in Steering wheel and around Nav screen
Shift knob
Glovebox trunk switch
Battery Cables
Front seat leather
Accelerator Sensor
Hood struts
Exhaust System Flex Pipe
Added backup camera and DRL module
A/C Compressor-5 yrs ago

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