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DIY: Foglight on/off Hack

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DIY: Foglight on/off Hack

Mods Please Sticky!!

Warning: i am not responsible for anything.. this thread is to be used as a guidance and any damage done you are at fault not me!!

with that said let the fun begin!!

tools needed

small flat head screwdriver and a regular size screwdriver

regular philips screwdriver

wire strippers and cutters

about 2 feet of wire I used 14 gauge but 12 and 16 should be fine

butt connectors or you can do solder and heat shrink tubing

first off you will want to turn on the vehicle and turn the steering wheel to get 2 screws out here is a photo so you can get the idea of the location.. the other one is on the opposite side

once removed you will need to pop open the tabs to the top cover off the steering column by doing that take your small screw driver and pry it in the crack area above where the screws were, you may need to wiggle it but you should hear a pop once you got it. you will need to turn the steering to the other side after words just like you had to for the screws and do the same thing.. after that then you can turn off the vehicle

after you have done that remove the screws from the bottom of the steering column here is a photo of that

once that is loose from the top you will finish prying the 2 from each other BE CAREFUL!!! the last 2 tabs are hooks so you will have to pull up and backwards now that the plastic is gone you should see the top wires..

you will now want to work at the foot area.. sorry i can get a good picture of it but there is a plastic piece that needs to be removed its held by a screw and a push in tab.. there is also the foot lighting that you will need to unplug to get it out of the way.. after removed you will have to look underneath by the brake peddle you will see more wires.. these are the switch wires.. the ones you want to see are the two yellow 2 white and a blue see photo!!

you will need to push the whole cluster off the holding tab so you have better access to the wires.. then carefully cut the grey tape with a razor so you can have full access to the wires.. from that point the blue wire that the red arrow is pointing to you will want to cut make sure your cut is far away from the harness so you can solder or have access to put a butt connector on it.

with that said at the top of the steering column you will want to locate the purple wire see photo!! and cut that as well

so now you have a blue and a purple cut wire

you will want to take your 2 foot wire that you have and (solder or butt connect) it to the purple wire coming from the switch then snake it down to the blue wire that was cut that that goes the wire harness and (solder or butt connect) it after that your fogs should officially come on with out the vehicle being on or off.. so check to make sure once its confirmed Congrats!! you officially beat the fog light system.. you will need to make everything look all perty and put everything back together..

another disclaimer!!! you wont get the dash notification that your foglights are on so from now on you will have to remember to always check your switch to see if it on or off

any questions let me know.. its pretty straight forward the hard part is making sure you dont break any plastic tabs when taking your steering column plastic off

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Has anyone else done this and confirmed everything? Only part i dont like is once you do this you no longer have the fog light indicator come on showing fogs are on.
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What's the purpose of this?
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Originally Posted by 7y123d View Post
What's the purpose of this?
Its so you can run just your parking lighs and fog lights.. I can do it on my truck. Just looks neat.
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