Acura Recalls the Great TLX !

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I’m not sure why it wouldn’t,, seeing as 2018 and 2019 are the same.
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Originally Posted by jhb31 View Post
I expect the Type-S variants coming out in 1 to 2 years will be Acura's best effort to live up to their jingle line since the vast majority of changes since adopting that line have been on the aesthetics side over performance improvements.
I hate fake things integrated into car design - like fake vents, fake air scoops, or little cutout areas with that stupid hex patterned plastic. Otherwise, I would GLADLY trade looks for performance, my TLX could look like a giant turd if they gave me: RWD, MT, 30 - 50% more low end torque, larger more powerful brakes, and adjustable suspension with a "track mode" setting!!!

Someday, once my warranty is expired, I day dream about getting some second hand stiffer springs for the suspension, grippier brake pads, and some type of performance enhancement to the engine - either a small-ish turbo, super charger, or nitrous system. I don't want to blow up my engine, and I'm not gonna race this car, but I would like a little more low end torque.
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Originally Posted by KeithL View Post
what is a sprint booster?
I have one. It remaps the throttle pedal, and that's ALL it does. Too many times I've something written about how it makes the throttle "more responsive" - but the way it works, it can't actually make the throttle open faster, it simply makes it as if you've pushed the throttle down more. I really wish it did make the throttle behave more like a mechanically linked one, I'd like a more instant response, but I suppose the problem (of the car's acceleration feeling too "smooth", like my grandma is driving) might come more from the transmission and the torque converter, than the throttle?

Originally Posted by neuronbob View Post
I had the recall done on Monday when I took my A-Spec in for its B16 service. I asked about a transmission software upgrade and was told there was none. In the meantime, I installed a Sprint Booster recently and removing much of the throttle delay has transformed my driving experience with this car. Itís so much better, that now buying the car out after the lease is a possibility.
Now that I've had mine for a little over a year, I do really like the car. I'm happy with it, I just know that it could have been better if the designers had focused on making an actual "sports sedan" and less of a "grandparent's car".

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Hey, so, with the software patch they applied for this recall, did they change the engine and/or transmission tune to make it more responsive? I feel less power cutout/lag when you slow down for a turn, and then need to get out of the way quick - when my car was new and I did that I nearly screamed as it felt like almost all the power had been cut and I couldn't move out of the way of oncoming traffic - I nearly panicked and was relieved when I (just barely) finally made it out of the way on time.

I also find that it's (seems to be, anyway) easier to intentionally "burn out" - either from a stop, or even if you're already rolling. That's fun! Some guy passed me, and seemed like he was in a real hurry in his 4-cylinder "rice rocket" (what I have to assume was probably nothing more than dark tinted windows and a loud exhaust), so, after we waited for a red light, I screeched my tires (without moving the car) just to poke some fun at him.

Then later the same day, a blue Honda Accord V6 (Sport Coupe model, I think) pulled up right beside me and revved his engine to show me his improved exhaust sound - it sounded REALLY good, I mean, maybe not Ferrari/Lambo good, but it was a nice throaty low note. I don't think he wanted to race or anything, but I punched it for him for a second, shot off, then slowed back down right away.

I wonder, do I want to read (again) about how to do drifting in a front wheel drive car, or not, maybe better if I don't learn that? :P
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