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How often do you change the fluids and spark plugs?

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How often do you change the fluids and spark plugs?

How often do you change the following? Do you wait for the MID to tell you? Do you wait till the recommended miles/years have passed? Do you wait and "see if it's pitch black"? Do you wait until your gas mileage dips into single digits? Do you wait until you smell smoke? lol. :

Power steering fluid
Brake fluid
Transmission fluid
Radiator fluid/flush
Spark plugs (had somebody tell me the go for 100k. True?)

I've pretty much said no matter what, I'm changing my transmission fluid every 20-30k. I just drove home in a loaner 4G and the quiet ride gave me time to ponder... happy motoring guys.

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i did my plugs at 94K
did my cabin filters are 94K for the second time
change my oil every 6K
changed my coolant at 65K, will do so again at 105K with t-belt
new trans put in at 71K, not time to chagne yet
did a brake system flush at 75K will do again when I do my rear brakes within the next month or so.

depending upon how you drive your car, your plugs may last until 100K My plugs were still decent at 94K but the new ones made the car run a lot better at idle
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under renovations....
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I change my oil every 3-3500 miles which is also about when the mid is at that point. I did one tranny fluid change at 18k although it wasn't a 3x3 flush. I'm gonna do that probably in the early fall. I'm at 23k so all the other stuff isn't ready fir me to change yet. I am however gonna change the brake fluid when I do my brake again cause I will change the rotors and drop in stainless steel lines too. I did change the cabin filter at 18k too if I remember correctly. Change the cabin filter according to where you live cause like NYC is dusty and alot of pollen and such gets in there. I also dropped in a K&N filter.
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cabin filter every year- so much construction really loads them up- its your lungs people!! take care of them

brake fluid flush every year- when you see the old stuff you will understand!

trans 3 qts every year or 3x3 every 30

ps fluid 60kmiles/3 year whichever is first
spark plugs after 60
seafoam or your favorite fuel injection cleaner- redline bg44 etc once a year to keep the TL in top running shape

the MID doesnt know the actual oil condition- dont wait for it to be black!
5000 if you heavy stop and go commute or many short drives-
7500 miles normal drives
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Engine oil every 5,000 or the MID, whichever comes first. Sometimes in the winter the MID tells me to change it before 5,000.

Trans fluid- If you have the stock Z1, a 1x3 every engine oil change at least. If you have a good aftermarket fluid, a 3x3 every 50,000.

Powersteering- I do mine once a year but it's just a drain of the reservior and fill, about one pint.

Coolant- I do mine every other year but again, it's just draining the radiator which gets about half the fluid out. Doing it this way means you will never have to get dirty and open the block drain to do a total flush. I will never need a flush. It's a little obsessive. I recommend the first change in the first year. When I drained mine the first time after 2 years, a ton of sand came out which I assume is left over from the casting process of the block and heads. I would hate to think that stuff could have been circulating around for 10 years if I followed Acura's recommendation.

Plugs- You may not want to take my advice, I do it a bit different than everyone else. I do not use iridiums, I use regular old plugs. I change at 40,000 miles. I like to see what the plugs look like so I can tell if I'm developing an injector problem, low compression, oil burning, detonation, etc. Iridiums are great for going 100,000+ miles but totally unnecessary for my 40,000 mile changes. Plus I will never leave a plug in an aluminum headed engine for 100,000 miles. It increases the liklihood of the plug siezing and pulling the threads in the heads out with it. After the first time you can use anti-sieze and leave them in as long as you want without danger.

Brake fluid is time based for me. I run Motul DOT 5.1 which is thinner and seems to give slightly better ABS performance. I will probably do it once a year from here on out but not entirely sure about that. I may go for 2 year intervals depending on how the fluid looks after I crack one of the bleeders. Mine should not see as high of temps with the BBK but there are still things such as water to worry about.

Don't worry about MPG. Nothing on your list will affect it except for the plugs. If you don't have an outright misfire, the plugs won't make more than a 1-2mpg difference and that's stretching it.
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