Issues with 2016 RLX Hybrid

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Issues with 2016 RLX Hybrid

Hi all,

I've had my RLX Hybrid for about 2 and a half years now (34.5k miles) and driving the vehicle has been wonderful except for a few issues that the dealership has been unable to fix. The first is the LKAS system. I had a '14 MDX with LKAS and drove a '19 TLX and they both have a better LKAS system then the one in the RLX. Does anyone know why this is? It's almost like the corrective force is too weak.

Second issue - About once a week I see a message when I start the car saying that the navigation system has lost power, etc. The dealership has made many attempts to fix the issue - tightened all battery connections, replaced the battery, performed a software update, even replaced the ENTIRE navi unit yet the issue still persists. Has anyone seen this before?

Third issue (and probably the most concerning of all) - about 25% of the time, the car makes a "grrrrrr" wooshing/grinding noise when coming out of any turn at normal speeds. This issue, of course, was not present when I bought the car brand new and the issue seems to be getting worse over time. The dealer has made several attempts to fix the issue, but they have never been able to fix it. Any ideas as to what this could be?

Other issues that have been fixed (just documenting here for future buyers/interested parties etc):
- Electric parking brake (EPB) unable to actuate due to low battery voltage (fixed by dealer, battery was replaced)
- Rattle from center channel speaker (fixed by dealer, just needed to be tightened up and insulated with some foam)
- Squeaky EPB (fixed by dealer, went away but is coming back now)
- Misaligned fuel neck (fixed by dealer, basically the capless fuel neck came dislodged somehow and it was difficult to fuel up the vehicle because I had to manually push the neck up and then insert the fuel nozzle... At least it's fixed now! ).

The "grrrrr" noise is honestly the main concern of mine here, so any advice or help would be appreciated here. Thanks all!
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YES! I have the same issue in my 2014. I am so glad (and sorry) to hear you hear the same thing - not just me. I have been to the dealer multiple times (more than 3) on different maintenance interval trips to diagnose the issue. I have had a couple of tech ridealongs where the techs have heard the issue. The techs have been on the phone with TechLine. The best answer I have been given is "noisy actuators." There does not appear to be anything explicitly wrong.

Something I have noticed is that, like you, the noise happens when coming out of turns, especially left turns, but also under normal acceleration. I have also noticed that when the sound occurs, 8.5 times out of 10 when I let up on the accelerator, the ICE shuts off. I just started the accelerator experiment recently.

That leads me to believe that the mechanism that turns the ICE on and shuts the ICE off/into E-mode only has a component in it that intermittently creates this grinding/whooshing noise. It's almost like a signal that the car is telling you it wants to go to Electric-only mode but is in a purgatory state because of the amount of power you are giving it.

Try taking your foot off the accelerator next time you hear the noise and see if your ICE shuts off. If so, that may be what is happening.

Honestly, I don't know if that's a defect or serviceable issue or not...
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Oh man, I too am glad and sorry at the same time to find someone with the same issue. How long have you noticed this issue? Has the sound and frequency been getting worse as time progresses?

And yes, I too have noticed that this happens primarily when coming out of left turns at normal speeds. I'll try to pay a little more attention to the ICE engine's status and see if that makes a difference. I vaguely remember that it does, but I will test out further to see if I can come up with a set of conditions to reproduce this noise consistently. I think the noise is gone completely when in Sport Mode, so I'll try your suggestion out and will report back.

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There are a few technical service bulletins related to weird noises on both the KC1 and KC2.

Both cars have some unusual technology and they just make weird noises. Some of the noises are a "problem," like the HVAC noise that caused a TSB asking dealers to be generous about replacing a redesigned metal pipe that was producing an unusual harmonic.

Sometimes when I'm sitting still and the ICE is off, my car just goes "moannnn" for about 1.5 seconds. Doesn't bug me. Sometimes a passenger will ask me what that was.
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