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Stingray240CS 10-11-2017 07:42 PM

Need advice on DRLs, fog lights, and led DRL add-on
I'm probably being a bit lazy here, but I'm not seeing what I hope to see. As far as the "yellow" drls, is there a solution to have both white DRLs and still have bright lights? I know there are LED solutions for drl, but don't offer bright lights. Fog lights, I think this will be much easier. I think I want to go with the white (I should say that when I say white, I think I mean 5000k). What are the best options for this?

Okay, for the DRL add-on, I'm talking about a short light bar that was posted in this thread in post #17.

Does anyone know anything about the lights in that pic or how to replicate them? Thanks for your help!

2snail 10-12-2017 11:36 AM

you will get mixed opinions on the route to take. I took my own route and came up with an LED DRL solution that did not touch the headlight housings. Putting in LED bulbs in the highbeam location would provide a DRL however there are mixed opinions as to the Hi-beam functionality being retained.

I chose to use my stock foglight housings since they already had broken lenses. See my thread here:

They have been working pretty solid since i did the retrofit. also the camera shows a ton of glare, but i have yet to experience anyone highbeam me for getting "blinded". These lights serve perfectly for a DRL, the fog aspect is likely less than the stock halogen as far as output.

They are wired to be on with the ignition and independent of the headlights.

I like the fact that they are in the stock fog light location and don't look as out of place as a bar for example. My opinion of course.

I did a similar retrofit for our TL SHAWD using LED housings, and i need to re-wire them to be on with ignition only. heres the thread:

hope that helps. best of luck and post pics of your progress.

Stingray240CS 10-13-2017 10:55 AM

Thanks for taking the time buddy! I do try and do research before asking these questions, I've just been swamped at work and haven't been able to do a lot of searching. I like the direction you went with on yours, they look great.

I would prefer to keep the DRLs in the original location because I'm thinking of adding and LED bar next to the fog lights. I came across these bulbs today: Philips Diamond Vision. I don't know if anyone has tried them, but I'm going to do a little research on them as soon as I can. The are 5000k Halogen bulbs.

26Shaun 10-17-2017 10:44 AM

Check out VLEDs. I've been using 5K LED bulbs in my TSX for 2+ years and my RDX for about 6 months with neither one having any issues. The DRL is about half brightness, high beam is full brightness. VLEDS

Stingray240CS 10-17-2017 11:40 AM

Thanks, I'll check those out! I've recently read about Philips Diamond Vision Halogens being really close to 5000k. I wonder if anyone has tried those out.

Stingray240CS 10-18-2017 09:09 AM

I checked out those VLED's. They aren't cheap. Unless I searched incorrectly, it looked like they were $200 a pair. I would need more than a 2 year warranty at that price.

Here is a link to the Philips Diamond Vision bulbs I mentioned. Has anyone tried these out? What are your thoughts whether you have tried them out or not?

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