Looking at 2009 TSX with Tech Package

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Looking at 2009 TSX with Tech Package

I currently have a 1st Gen and now going to look at 2009 AT TSX with Tech Package with nearly 130K miles.

Should I stay away from it? Car does have service records and maintenance history.

Appreciate if there are any must checks I perform? I plan to check all fluids, including color of transmission fluid. Any quirks of it?

Thanks all
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Understand about the oil burning issue, was it common on manuals or AT too? Is there a way that can be figured out? Of course, I'll check oil level and all. Car does has extensive dealership maintenance history.
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From what I hear, after around 100K they start to burn oil. I have a 2010 tech with 158K and for the past year my oil consumption has got worse. I'm currently adding a quarter every 2500 miles. Not terrible, but definitely starting to have some burning of oil. Other than that, the car runs great and I've had zero issues with it. I did have the timing belt changed at 100K proactively. This has been my most problem free car I have ever owned. Good luck.
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nooooo.... Try looking for s newer year.
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I recently purchased (~1 month ago) an 09 TSX Base with 132k miles on the odometer. I found the car locally and once I determined I was interested, I did some research and found oil consumption and engine noise on startup could be a potential issue with these cars.

Luckily the owner is a car guy and explained that the car did in fact have the startup engine noise remedied at the Acura dealership by replacing the VTC actuator. As to oil consumption, he assured me the car did not consume any noticeable amount of oil.

I went ahead and took a chance on the car due to its immaculate condition, comprehensive maintenance history and price.

So far my gamble is paying off as I've put right at 1k miles (2.5k miles total since last oil change) on the car without a hint of any oil consumption. I do my own maintenance, so I will keep a close eye on this and report if significant oil consumption does appear.

FWIW, I do enjoy driving this car...that I got sweet deal on it, makes the enjoyment that much more.
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The above post pretty much sums it up. Mine is a 2010 with only $44,000 miles and its been rock solid. Mine is a manual and its only been to the dealer twice since I bought it new. One for the oil consumption where I think all they did was an ECU update then again a year ago for the passenger airbag inflator. Other than that its just been oil changes and have yet to burn any.

To add this is one of my favorite cars I've ever owned. Its fun to drive, very reliable, and no squeaks or creaks even being lowered most of its life.

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I will chime in here. I purchased my '10 back in September 2017 with 94k. Currently at 117k with no issues, other than the airbag recall. I do not have any oil consumption issues, but it's unclear if it was previously done prior to my purchase. I did get service records, but didn't see any notes about it.
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Originally Posted by Terdbath View Post
Mine is a 2010 with only $44,000 miles
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