09 TSX - 1st time posting!! Code p0339

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09 TSX - 1st time posting!! Code p0339

New official member here, hoping to get some help from the experienced tsx community. I bought an A/T 2009 TSX over a year ago with 108K, which now currently has 140K.
2 months ago one morning it barely started, it gave me a code p0339 (crankshaft position sensor -intermittent). I had an apt I couldnít miss so I took another car to be safe that day. Itís always ran fine, even with the code I continued to drive it daily w/o any issues. I assumed I needed a new crankshaft sensor, didnít have the funds at the time to get an OEM one put in, wasnít giving me issues (just a message at this point, the check engine light only showed up that one time) so I kind of ignored it.
Now it seems like itís finally gotten worse, drove into town tonight & I felt some very minor deceleration at about 45mph. Felt more like tiny jerks, 2 jerks in about 12 miles total, only lasted a second each, i got home fine.
When i got home I shut it off & turned it back on again, it barely turned on, cut off right away. Attempted to start it again & it started right up the second time.
NOW, that it is giving me problems, I started to do some research. Being that my code is NOT a sensor malfunction but rather an intermittent signal, Iím not 100% on it just being a bad sensor. After some reading online, some posts suggested that it could be something minor causing intermittent signals such as:
*weak/bad starter (highly doubt, replaced less than a yr ago)
*weak/bad battery
*loose/corroded terminals or grounds
*loose connector
*break in harness
In the morning Iíll run to the local parts store to get my starter/battery/alternator checked. If all that checks out, my next step would be to inspect the other stuff listed above. Worst case, if I canít find another cause I will pick up the new sensor, but I read something about a relearn process that must be done if the sensor is removed/replaced...
(would appreciate it if anyone could possibly drop a link on the relearn process or give me an idea of where to look?)

So before I complicate things or start throwing $ at it
Any of you guys had the same code/symptoms?
Found a solution or got any tips?
Itís my first post so bear with me
Appreciate any & all feedback, hereís some pictures 🙂

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An intermittent problem is difficult. Electrical fault could be sensor, connectors, wiring, or PCM. Unless you DIY, the lowest cost path is 1) replace sensor and 2) get help w/ diagnostics if sensor is not the problem. See DTC P0339 diagnostic attached.

good luck
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Any luck finding the issue. I'm having the same issue
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Some possible causes for DTC P0339:

Low battery. If the engine is cranked with a low battery, the ECM/PCM may incorrectly judge the crankshaft sensor position. Have the battery tested and replace it, if needed.

Aftermarket starter

Aftermarket crank position sensor
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