"New" Official 2nd Gen TL DIY Thread

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Thumbs up "New" Official 2nd Gen TL DIY Thread

Tires/Wheels/Suspension DIY's

Upper Control Arm replacement DIY

FAQ Will they fit?

Lowering/Spring Install

Camber Kit Install:

Trimming Tabs DIY

Replaceable Sway Bar End Links:

Lighting DIY's

Bulb Application

Type-S Gauge Cluster retrofit

Revers glow gauges DIY

Dash Clock Light Replacement DIY

Amber to Clear Taillight conversion DIY

Ignition Switch Replacement DIY

HID Removal DIY

Ballast/Inverter Repair

Projector Retro Fit

Lexan Fog light replacement

DIY Fog lights (99-01)
Civic Fog DIY

Fog Light Mod (02-03)

Door Handle LED

DIY 745 side markers

HID Fog install

Cleared and Painted Housings

Headlight Clearing

DIY Radio LED Retrofit:

Window Switch LED

Headlight Ballast Install:

Engine/Mechanical/Miscellaneous DIY's

Spark Plug DIY

MDX/Pilot intake spacer DIY

RDX Fuel Injector Mod

Seafoam DIY

Intake Resonator removal

CAI install DIY

Radiator Removal

Brake Switch DIY

Timing Belt/Valve Adjustment DIY

Valve Adjustment

Wheel Bearing DIY

Thermoblock DIY/EGR cleaning DIY (99)

2000-2003 EGR Port Cleaning

99 EGR port cleaning

Replace Motor Mounts

Trans Fluid Drain Fill DIY

Header Install

Header Torque Spec Values:

Replacing broken wheel lug

Pics of IACV - idle air control valve (Need to find threads on cleaning):

Purge Valve Solenoid Pics (if it ticks, you need to replace it):

DIY motor mount poly filling:

Installing a Type-S Intake Mmanifold on a Premium Model Engine:

DIY Trans bypass filter replacement

DIY Banging/Chattering Wipers

Paint and Body

Rear Door handle removal/replacement

Engine Cover painting DIY

Painting CAI DIY

99-01 Front Lip installation DIY
02-03 Front Lip installation DIY
99-03 Side Skirt installation DIY
99-03 Rear Skirt installation DIY

DIY Spoiler Install

Car Care

DIY: Taking off front grille (02-03)

Painting Engine cover info/diy

Wetsanding Headlights DIY

Removing "B" Pillars


Black Mesh Grille


Brake Pad and Rotor DIY

How to: Brake lines threads:


Steering Wheel Removal

Radio/Cruise button fix

Removing door panel/wood door panel trim

Alarm/starter DIY

Radio Removal

Converting to Hand Brake

Switching the Sport Shift + - Direction

LOC converter Installation

Door Panel & Wood Grain Removal

Door handle separation fix

Heated seat fix DIY

Shift Gate modification

Door Lock Knob modification DIY

Replacing Rear View Mirror

DIY Dash Rattle

Radar Detector Hardwired into auto-dim mirror

AC Cabin Filter DIY

DIY Non-Navi to Navi

Load Equalizer/Resistor


EZ Drain Valve DIY

Seafoam DIY

Resetting the Maintenance Light

Resetting SRS light
*If after you reset the light it comes back on BRING TO THE DEALER to be serviced*

Maintenance Schedule for Normal and Severe Conditions

6 Speed Swap/info

6spd conversion on a 2G TL:

6MTUA5's Swap thread

Phees 6 speed Swap thread

InspireTL's Swap thread

6 Speed Module Thread

6spd mods - clutch dampening device bypass, shifter cable bushings:

Fill Plug on the 6spd (pics and helms scans):

DIY 6spd Shifter Bushing:

Warranty Info

SRS indicator light warranty extension

Transmission Problem FAQ

TL Trans failure thread

Tensioner Recall affected VIN's:

Trouble Codes.

Acura Factory Trouble Codes (DTC's) (in pdf format):


DIY: How to program the keyless remote (key fob)

DIY: HomeLink Garage MOD - Key Needed to Use (with photos)

DIY: How to program Homelink with Rolling Codes

DIY: How to program Homelink with an older garage door opener

Transmission Gear Ratios (Automatic and 6spd)

Where to get the OEM Service Manual/Owners Manual for the CL

Honda Acura reformulated manual transmission fluid for 6spds:

Programming The Keyless Remotes:

Engine Torque Dampers:

Adjust External Temperature Readout:

Tightening the Power Outlet Next to the Coin Tray:

Mileage after gas light goes on:

OEM pop-screws/plastic rivets cheap replacement:

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Mod List

Alright, Got the colors back up! With new additions!!


Intake systems:

-V2 Intake: Part#24-6016 {99-03 TL-P}
-Cold Air Intake: Part # 21-419 {02-03 TL-S}
-Cold Air Intake: Part # 21-416 {99-03 TL-P} NP
-Short Ram Part # 22-416 {99-03 TL-P} NP

-Cold Air Intake: Part # RD1660 {99-03 TL-P}
-Short Ram Intake: Part # IS1660 {99-03 TL-P} NP
-Cold Air Intake: Part # RD1481 {02-03 TL-S}

-Ice Box Cold Air Intake: Part #330-141{99-01 TL-P}
-Ice Box Cold Air Intake: Part #330-140{02-03 TL-P}
-Ice Box Cold Air Intake: Part #330-145 {02-03 TL-S}

-Replacement Filter For Stock Applications: Part 33-2133 ( All Models )

-DC Sports: Part # HHC5528 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-XS Headers: {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Comptech Headers/Downpipe: Part # 220-042{99-03 TL-P/S}

AxleBack Systems:
-HKS Dragger: Part # 3302-EX06 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Magnaflow: Universal Axle Back {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Comptech Axle back: Part # 240-110 {99-03 TL-P/S}
Catback System
-Apexi WS World Sport Series: Part #116-KH22 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Tanabe SM Hyper: Part # T4078Z {99-03 TL-P/S}


Unorthodox Racing
-Ultra S Crank Pulley: Part# 020611002 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Stock Diameter Crank Pulleys (Ultra Sc): Part # 120611012 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Ultra S Crank Pulley Set: Part # 040602002 {99-03 TL-P/S} NP = Due To Crank Pulley Only Needed
-Stock Diameter Pulley Sets (Ultra SSc) Part #140602012 {99-03 TL-P/S} NP = NP = Due To Crank Pulley Only Needed

-ThermoBlock Spacer Kit: Part # P8A/P8F {1999 TL-P}
-ThermoBlock Spacer Kit: Part # P8E/P8F {00-03 TL-P}
-ThermoBlock Spacer Kit: Part # P8E/PGE {02-03 TL-S}

Grounding Kit
-Make your own using 4Gauge Wire {All Models}
-Apexi Grounding kit {All Models}

-Optima Red/Yellow {All Models}

Engine Swap
- For a TL-P - TL-S/CL-S Motor & CL-S 6 Speed
- For a TL-S - Stock Motor & CL-S 6 Speed

Forced Induction
-Comptech Supercharger: Part # 350-062 {02-03 TL-S}
-Custom Turbo Kit {99-03 TL-P/S}
-AV6 Honda Accord V6 Supercharger: {99-03 TL-P }

-Zex, Nitrous Express, Venom, NOS Wet/Dry Kit {99-03 TL-P/S} NP

Bolt Ons!
-Intake, Headers, Spacers, Pulley, Exhaust = 260HP/TQ to the crank {99-03 TL-P}
-Intake, Headers, Spacers, Pulley, Exhaust, Supercharger= 300+HP/TQ to the crank {02-03 TL-S}
-All the parts give about the same results when combined with each other expect for "Not Preferred" Items.
-To compare products, do research before asking, tons of threads and posts.

-Nitrous will also help but isn't recommended, a 75 shot is about 75 HP, 50 shot is about 50 HP to the crank



-SS Super Street Coilovers: Part # DSH94-KUSS2 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Type BASIC: Part # DSH94-LUSS2 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-SS-P Super Street w/ Pillow Ball: Part # DSH94-2USS1 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Tokico HPK Performance Suspension Kit: Part # HPK285 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Tokico ILLumina Suspension Kit: Part # ILK286 {99-03 TL-P/S}

-Comptech Sport: Front 2 / Rear 1.7: Part # 110-135 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Eibach Springs Pro Kit: Front 2.1 / Rear 1.6: Part # 4041.140 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-H&R Race Springs: Front 2.2 / Rear 1.75: Part # 51859-88 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Neuspeed Sport Springs: Front 1.75 / Rear 1.75: Part # 55.20.38 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-TEIN S-Tech: Front 2.1 / Rear 1.6: Part # SKA34-AUB00 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-TEIN H-Tech: Front 1.5 / Rear 1.0: Part # SKA34-BUB00 {99-03 TL-P/S}

-KYB , Koni , Bilstein , Tokico
-You'll have to research, to many to list for front and rear

Strut Bar
-CUSCO Suspension: Part # 332540A {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Tie-Bar: Part #352096 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Comptech Front Titanium Barr: Part # 150-070 99-03 TL-P/S}

Sway Bars
-Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit ( Front/Rear ): Part # 4040320 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar (19mm): Part # 2520193 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Neuspeed Front Sway Bar (27mm): Part # 1520271 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Comptech Front/Rear Sway Bar Kit: Part # 140-215 {99-03 TL-P/S}

-Tein coilovers are preferred because it allows the consumer to adjust the springs and provides the maximum amount for a drop.
-If coilovers are not in your budget, then springs and shocks should be bought together for a firmer ride.
-Sway & Strut bar will provide maximum ability for a sharper turn.



BBK - Big Brake Kits
-Brembo Front Kit 13": Part # 430-6015AIA {99-03 TL-P/S}

Replacement Rotors
-Racingbrake HP Brake Rotor /Slot-Drilled / (Rear Pair): Part # 9701-141 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Racingbrake Two-piece Rotor /Slot/ (Front Pair): Part # 2067.311 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Racingbrake UP Brake Rotor /Slot/ (Front Pair): Part #90761 90762 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-PowerSlot Brake Rotor /Slot/ (Front Pair): Part # 946PSL & 946PSR {99-03 TL-P/S}

Replacment Pads
-Hawk Performance Ceramic Front Brake Pad Kit: Part # HB366Z.681 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Hawk Performance Ceramic Rear Brake Pad Kit: Part # HB145Z.570 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Hawk Performance HP+ Front Brake Pad Kit: Part # HB366N.681 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Hawk Performance HP+ Rear Brake Pad Kit: Part # HB145N.570 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Hawk Performance HPS Front Brake Pad Kit: Part # HB366F.681 {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Hawk Performance HPS Rear Brake Pad Kit: Part # HB145F.570 {99-03 TL-P/S}


Exterior Appearance

Body Kit
-OEM Body Kit {99-03 TL-P/S}
-WW Body Kit {99-03 TL-P/S}
(These two are the best ones)

-M5 Spoiler {99-03 TL-P/S}
-OEM Spoiler {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Mugen Spoiler (Rare) {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Aspec Spoiler (Rare) {99-03 TL-P/S}
-WW Flush Mount {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Sonora Roof Spoiler {99-03 TL-P/S}

-Note: Wheels WILL affect performance in either a ( + or - ) way. Choose wisely
-Stock Offset is 55MM, lowering the offset increasing chances of rubbing, depending on wheel setup ( Example , 18/19 X 8 +40 offset, need to cut tabs and roll fenders )

-Its YOUR car, not anybody else, do to your car as you please but with safety and confidence.
-If you post your car with parts people will disagree on, then be prepared to listen to them and not take it offensively but more of a advice from them.


-02 - 03 Tail Lights {99-01 TL-P}
-Upgrade HID Bulbs: Higher Kelvin, Lower Lighting Output {99-03 TL-P/S}
-Interior Bulbs LED Replacement ( {99-03 TL-P/S}


-Headlight Housing
-Fog Lights
-Side Markers
-Interior Wood Trim/Shift Knob


-Check Black market and Group Buy Sections!![/QUOTE]

Any Comments Are Welcome! Thanks!!
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If you have a new DIY or know of anything to add PM Me or one of the other 2nd gen moderators so we can add it.
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