Has Anyone Used Seafoam Trans Tune?

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Has Anyone Used Seafoam Trans Tune?

In the autoparts store this morning and came across this

Has anybody used this is there any D.I.Y
Any Feedback on this product, I was going to use this in the TransFluid and Power Steering Fluid as an additive but I wanted to know if anybody has used this product yet on the 2G TL
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If anything it could only help if using a non-synthetic ATF otherwise if using synthetic based fluid like Redline Racing ATF I wouldn't bother.
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I've never even heard of it till now. From the video it seems as if its the same as the seafoam for the intake. A cleaner persay before an oil change or part swap.
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call Jim at seafoam tech support and ask about it in a TL

by their info -for ps: use when doing a full fluid flush,,a few times!!
mainly for when pump or rack failed and you want everything spotless new

in trans: its supposed to clean the very things that clog in the TL!
the selenoids-shifters
Again it calls for a FULL fluid changeout,,no residue allowed in trans

before we try it, lets ask seafoam if any reports from acura owners
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My PS pump failed (constant whine). The dealership told me the PS pump needed to be replaced. I bought a new pump and replaced it myself. I used Trans Tune in the PS pump and followed the directions properly. (Steering was SMOOOOOTH like butter for ~2 months, then went back to regular smooth)

Then the dealership said I needed to replace the entire PS rack. I was like wtf, so I checked it out when I changed my mounts. Sure enough there was a TINY TINY leak in one of the boots. It wasn't even enough to form a drop to leak to the floor, but it was a seal definitely leaked a little.

This is coming from a guy who had a faulty PS inlet hose at 90k miles, so my story might not be the most reliable. Still, just take it into consideration. Ask SeaFoam b4 trying it.
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in for more info....
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If you had a Rebuilt tranny and your using a Syn Oil (Ex. Redline, AMSOIL, DW-1) there´s no Use for it... I would install the Magnefine Inline Filter instead!
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I see it has great reviews on Advance Auto's website but I wonder if any of these folks have ever replaced all of the fluid on their cars. The bottle states that a full flush should follow so it is difficult to know if their trannies are working noticeably better because of the flush or the Seafoam.
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Ive read in a few places that TransTune is just regular Seafoam with red dye added. Granted they are both the same price so if you want to add it to the tranny just get the TransTune stuff.

I have a can of it at home, was going to use it in our TL but then read about the full flush thing. I dont want to pay someone else to do a full flush, and since we can only really do the 3x3 Im not sure I wanted to use the TransTune anymore.
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Seafoam trans tune works

After having trans problems for months, gear slippage, very hard downshifts I decided to try seafoam trans tune. I had not read anyone in the forum write about it but I figured the worst that could happen was what was bound to happen anyway, total trans failure. Keep in mind I have been regularly changing the ATF fluid. I did a drain and fill using valvoline synthetic ATF that is compatible with the honda z-1 and substituted some ATF for seafoam trans tune. I'm happy to report that most of the hard shifts are gone, only when I really punch it and the trans drops two gears does it shift hard. The slippage is pretty much gone as well. I'm going to do another drain and fill as recommended by the instructions and add a little more Seafoam. If you are having problems I highly recommend you add half a bottle, drive for a few days, then change the external filter and change the ATF.
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Transtune should be used when doing a complete flush!

Since there is no such thing as a complete flush. There will always be some transtune hanging up in your transmission .

Even if you do a 4x3 flush you still only get 94% of the fluid.

Note: Use in extreme cases when tranny failure is certain only.
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Two things: First, it's pretty well accepted that changing all the fluid on a high mile honda trans is risky. Better to drain 3qts every 3000 miles or so. This just ups the ante one notch. Secondly, I used it once at a customers insistence, on a civic that was already slipping slightly. I'm not saying it killed the trans because it was already slipping, but we had to push the car out.
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yes I heard that to use it as a last resort
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When adding the Trans Tune I only used half a bottle and the instructions actually state to use the other half after the trans has been flushed (3x3 in our case). I've driven 1,000 miles since I used the first half and haven't had a chance to drain and fill since. Others experience may be different. My experience so far has been very positive. I was on the highway this morning and went to pass someone, I couldn't believe how smoothly the trans was downshifting . If you tranny is on it's death bed , I don't see how this could make it anyworse. If you have some small shifting problems, try the redline ATF first, a lot of people on this forum seem to have success with it. If that doesn't work, give the seafoam trans tune a go.

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stutter-shudder shift can often be cured with seafoam TT or motor purr for trans
do a 3 or 4x3 and filter change after 100-200 miles

waiting till it has major problems is too late,,wont fix it- will hasten loss of its last bit of friction

slipping between shifts is too late!
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