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What issues to look out for past 100K miles?


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What issues to look out for past 100K miles?

What sorts of issues have cropped up on cars with more than 100000 miles that I should be on the lookout for?

The backstory is that my 2006 RL which I've owned since new, has close to 100K miles and is due for a timing belt, needs new shocks and engine mounts, as well as whatever other maintenance is due. Up front I'll say that I've been satisfied with my dealer, and I'm not in position to start shopping around (I did for the shocks and the local independent place was more expensive). That said, the work could nudge $4000 all told, which is getting to be more than half of the vehicle's trade-in value which makes me start to question whether its worth it.

This has probably been the best (and most favorite) car I've owned, and I'd like to keep running with it. We already keep cars a long time (wife's is a 2000 RX), this is in great shape (at least 8.5 out of 10), has new airbags, and other smaller fixes and updates to keep it looking good.

As the tech starts to age I worry about things like AFS, stability control, AWD system, NAV screen, transmission. But are they really "worry items"? I've replaced the CD changer with a "refurb" unit (its on its 2nd one of these), and then I wonder if parts will become scarce in addition to expensive.

What sort of big-ticket items does the RL face after 100K miles, and how much did they cost to correct (if you've done so)?
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Just to give you a reference point, I had a mechanic do the timing belt, water pump, serpetine belt, front, side motor mounts and 30k service for $1,500 when my RL was at 90k. I also replaced all four shocks with OEM for $1,000 recently. $300 for alternator replacement. The RL now has 122k and drives like new! Replace the timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, oil pump gasket, front and side motor mounts, coolant, power steering fluid flush and you should be good for another 100k if not more. The RL should easily reach 200k without major repairs.
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I'm inclined to go for the work -- I've also had a new alternator (featured in a losing race against the battery on the way to the service bay).

The other problem I'm having is that the headlights flicker, particularly on bumpy roads. So maybe new shocks will help with that.
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1. Find an "authorized" service center to do your work, and/or a trusted mechanic. Using the dealer will empty your pockets quick.
2. Learn to diag small issues yourself, google and youtube are amazing
3. Don't be afraid of creeks and rattles, but know when you hear something not right.

At 100K:
  • you can start to expect a control arm/bushing replacement
  • TPMS batteries dying
  • alternator (you said yours was new)
  • HID bulbs (if not new)
  • Headlight polishing/replacement (they are likely yellowing)
  • Passing smog testing (I don't know how this works in Kommifornia)
  • Random interior/dash bulbs going out
I didnt list shocks because they are long blown, so if the ride is good for you then you could forego them.
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I own an 05 for the last 10 years.140 miles i went thru 4 alternators in the first 6 years for some reason.
changed the water pump and belt at 96
all the imterior elextronics started dying years ago... dvd player, navi, the display with temp, even radio doest pick up stations,
stock factory suspension (one of the stabilizer links broke off, some rubber lower a-arm thingy loolks cracked)
brake replacement every year (please stick to napa parts, the common part stores are nothing but trouble for this moderately rare car)
imterior leather is shot even the passenger seat is falling apart even though nobobody sits in it ever....

thats all from me...

uh and my car eats tires!!!
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if you have an 06 and haven't done the timing belt, you are taking a huge risk. The belt change is by mileage or time, 105k miles or 7 years. you are 5 years past that. any educated buyer of your car is going to hit you for not having done the maintenance so knock off $1000 for whatever you might ask for your car if you were to sell it.

As for other things, I am at 126k on my 05 and all I have had to do is what I would consider basic maintenance, including the shocks (kybs), timing belt/water pump, spark plugs, regular fluid changes and brakes/tires. I have not changed the motor mounts and don't have any need need to do so, suspension parts also appear to be in good shape, the car is a tank. Obviously as you move up in years, things will start to wear out like any other brand, but alternators and starters can go 20 years or more, electronics can fail at any time and without warning. Transmission and engine can easily go 200+k miles if taken care of with regular fluid changes.

One of the great things about the RL is that most of the gremlins tend to show up early on and usually under warranty. I had a bunch of things fail between 40 and 60k miles costing over $5k, but since then, nothing has gone wrong (knock on wood).
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I'll echo what the others have said. When I got to your stage, I did the timing belt. I've had some of the same stuff mentioned by the others: The motor mounts, yes. They're rubber and they rot. The flickering lights probably need replacement, but that's not a zillion dollars (I had a body shop do it in their spare time; others here have had success bypassing the dropping of the bumper if you're at all handy). I had the smattering of interior lights, and I simply replaced them; the one in the seat heater switch was so easy I did it myself for the $10 price of the bulb, and I had the HVAC/audio lights replaced as a group when one or two burned out. No suspension gremlins, one wheel bearing. No rear end problems except a noise that was fixed by a fluid change; very few owners have any.

On the whole, you should pay a lot less than $4,000 for the repairs you're facing. You'll get a lot less than you give up if you surrender this car; there are new cars at $40,000 that don't match the overall quality of this one. I'd get a few estimates from reputable independent garages.
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