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Rest In Peace General Hal Moore

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Rest In Peace General Hal Moore

Hal Moore, Army general memorialized in book and film ?We Were Soldiers,? dies at 94

Sporting a bulldog face and a Southern accent acquired from a childhood in small-town Kentucky, he developed a reputation as an exceptional combat leader during the Korean War and in the early stages of the Vietnam War — no more so than in the Battle of Ia Drang, the first major engagement between American and North Vietnamese forces.

The battle began Nov. 14, 1965, shortly after Gen. Moore, then a lieutenant colonel, stepped off a Huey helicopter and onto a football-field-sized clearing in South Vietnam’s Ia Drang Valley. He and the 457 men under his command were there to track North Vietnamese Army units and search for a possible enemy base.

They soon found themselves opposed by more than 3,000 North Vietnamese troops who had been hidden in mountainous terrain alongside the clearing. The American forces’ position, reporters and military historians later wrote, was not unlike that of George Custer, whose troops were surprised, surrounded and slaughtered at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876.

In the days before the attack, Gen. Moore’s troops sometimes referred to their blond-haired commander as “Yellow Hair” — Custer’s nickname. Sizing up the situation at Landing Zone X-Ray, as the Ia Drang clearing was called, Gen. Moore set about avoiding the fate of his predecessor.

Applying a “first in, last out” approach to combat leadership, Gen. Moore led the initial assaults on the North Vietnamese positions himself, and remained at the battle’s front lines until his battalion was relieved after three days of fierce, close-combat fighting.

Joseph L. Galloway, a reporter for the United Press International wire service who was present for most of the battle, later said that Gen. Moore refused three times to leave the battle and meet with generals in Saigon.

Rest well General.

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