Question about rebuilding home

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Question about rebuilding home

I have a question for all you CLers ( and non-Clers ) My family's home was ravaged by Katrina. It's standing, but there is severe damage caused to the foundation. It appears we can salvage the structure..studs, roof, etc. Nearly everything inside was lost ( the only things I have left are the few things I have at college ).

My question is, would you rebuild and continue living in an area so ravaged by a hurricane? My father says in as little as a year and a half, when his company begins similar operations across the country he wants to leave. Would you stay?

Knowing, that though your house is 18 feet above sea level...and was still flooded...knowing that the area will take a long time to recover, economically?

Personally, I would leave, but I'd like to get some other opinions...
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I'd say go if he's going to be relocated anyhow.

If his job wasn't taking him'd be a tough call. Hard to pack up & leave your home, below sea level or not.
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First, my sympathies go out to you and your family. Very sorry to hear about the house - but glad to see that you are OK.

If it were me, I would move elsewhere. But, that is just my opinion.
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Funny, me ex g/f's ex husband has a house in New Orleans and he got 'lucky' since his house is dry & standing.

I would not rush into rebuilding yet. It is unclear when the economy/jobs will return to the area to support a decent housing market. Other thing to consider as well, is insurance. Will you be able to insure the house at a decent price????

As for my ex g/f's ex, he has a house and he no doubt has to continue paying his mortgage. But, I assume the value of his house has dropped which means he may owe alot more than he can even sell... what a position to be in.
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Very sorry to hear about your family's house, it is a very hard thing to go through. I personally would not leave the Southern LA/MS area for anything, even though I've seen the destruction everywhere here and have been affected by it also. You have to realize that most places in the United States have their own share of natural disasters. If it isn't hurricanes, its snowstorms, tornados, wildfires, or earthquakes. If your father wants to relocate anyway, your family may want to consider relocating. It will take time for the economy in this area to resume to normal because so many businesses were damaged or destroyed, and so many people are temporarily relocating until they are able to live in the area again.

If your family does rebuild your house, they might consider building their house following building codes in other areas that have previously been demolished by hurricanes (ex: Dade County, FL.). These areas have revised their building codes to withstand hurricanes hopefully better than other houses are able to.

Good luck and hang in there.
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Move. Nothing good here will happen for decades.
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if something similar happened to new york i know i would not leave. im very proud to be from this area and love being here. i dont think i could just leave like that.

im sorry for your losses but im glad that you and alleye are both ok
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I equate living there to living in san franciso. Just like living in san francisco you know for a fact that another earthquake will happen, and always the possibility of a 9.x that destroys the entire city, in LA/MS you live with the fact that another hurricane will hit and unless something is done drastically to improve the land it will have the same consequences. I could maybe live with rebuilding once but knowing that it could happen again would be devastating.
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Yes, but why build when the economy there is unknown and like I said, will the Bank finance and can you get reasonable insurance coverage....
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It must be awful to lose everything like that.

Where is he relocating? Pittsburgh is nice this time of year.
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Thanks for your replies.

It does suck to lose everything, but it's amazing to see how a community reacts. People pull together in such an amazing way....

My father would probably relocate to San Diego or Norfolk.

Eggplant-EX, the only reason to rebuild is because my father's company won't begin the San Diego and Norfolk projects in earnest for about a year. I'm guessing our premium will be around 3-5k next year. That's extremely high, considering our premium two years ago was about 1500. It rose 1k just in the past year.

Our insurance adjustor said state farm premiums will likely rise across the nation. This should be expected with damage this widespread.

The economy here IS unknown. It will take a very long time recover. There are just too many variable to assess. Some people say everything will be back to the way it was, some people say MS will fall into another era of a doomed economy. Both are wrong, because at this point, nothing is certain.
Sadly, there are already many people leaving. Housing booms are occurring in areas just north of the MS coast. I'm guessing this is to be expected as well....

Again, thanks for your replies. alleyesonmeee, I'm sorry to hear you were affected by the storm, but I am you are okay.
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What size compressor wheel did you get?
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FFS dude. This thread is 14 years old and the member hasn't been on site since 2008.

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