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Announcements in Forum : Marketplace
12-01-2005 until 01-01-2020
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The marketplace rules

REVISED 7 May 2016


The original spirit of the Marketplace was to help members get rid of used car parts etc, it was never meant to become the mini craigslist it's turned into. Qualified members in good standing may sell anything they want to, as long as it conforms to the rules and spirit of theMarketplace. We do not intend to restrict sales to used car parts only; that's how this forum started but it has evolved into its present format and we mainly needed to restrict the opportunists and freeloaders, which are defined as people who register with the sole intent of selling parts and do not intend to be contributing and helpful members of the forum.

We have been inundated with people registering just for the sake of selling things, which is not the purpose of this forum, and it increases the amount of threads considerably which moves items to the back pages too quickly, and also exposes our good and loyal members to additional risks.This means no joining the community to use it like a free craigslist.


If you are posting a vehicle for sale, please include the following information:

1. Reason for selling

2. Are you the first owner? If not, how many owners were there (to the best of your knowledge)?

3a. TITLE: Is it clean, clear,rebuilt, or salvage? If other, please explain.

3b. Do you have title in hand or it is being held by a lienholder?

4. Pictures: Just a reminder to be sure to post interior and exterior pictures.

5. If leased, provide details, such as length of lease, payoff amount, etc.

The following applies to vehicles posted for sale in the New and Used Cars Forum:

Offers of parts, or requests for parts, are not allowed in this forum.

If the OP decides to go back to stock he will have to start a new thread in the main forum, and he can post that information here with a link to the new thread. Conduct your parting out business in the linked thread, not in this thread.

Do not send PM's to the seller unless you are invited to do so.

Any parting out discussions posted will be deleted or edited, and future parting out posts will be deleted without notice.


A. The following rules apply to general sales and cars for sale posts and threads.

Members may not post anything for sale or trade (with the exception of cars) until they have been a registered member for 15 days and have 5 acceptable posts.

Members may not post a car for sale or trade until they have been a registered member for 60 days and have 30 acceptable posts. The minimum post rule for cars may be waived for members with at least 4 months of membership.

Sale, trade, and want to buy threads or posts may only be posted in the Marketplace.

The Administrator reserves the right to disapprove sales posts or threads that are otherwise qualified, depending on the nature of the sale and other factors.

Until members have been registered for 15 days and have 5 acceptable posts, they may respond to other threads if they wish, and make purchases, and also post replies to existing threads. Members are cautioned to not mention any items for sale or trade when posting in other threads or in other Acurazine forums.

…..1. Members are cautioned not to post just for the sake of getting your required number of posts. Posts considered unacceptable will either be deleted or will not be counted towards the minimum requirement.

…..2. Posts made in the Marketplace will not be counted towards the minimum requirement. If you registered for the sole purpose of selling things, you are not meeting the intent of this forum, which is to give our active members a forum for buying and trading. All of your posts will be scrutinized and the management will make the final decision on your eligibility to sell items here. Members may still post WTB (Want to buy) posts or threads, or buy items, without regard to eligibility.

B. BRAND NEW items may be posted for sale only if they were bought for your own use, or received as a gift, and only in a quantity reasonably required for your personal use. They may not be sold for more than retail price under any circumstances. A reason for selling, and where you got them from, must be provided for each BRAND NEW item posted for sale.

C. Selling or trading things for friends or relatives (except members of your immediate family) is no longer allowed. If they want to sell or trade their property, they can either register as members and wait the required time before posting, or go to craigslist or eBay.

D. CAR PART OUTS. Effective 27 April 2010

1. Members may post only one (1) parting out thread per year, and must meet the following qualifications.

a. Honda/Acura vehicles: A minimum of one year of membership and 200 posts.

b. Other manufacturer’s vehicles: A minimum of two years of membership and 300 posts

2. Individual part sales and prices should be posted on the forum so we know no one is getting ripped off by sales of the same item to other members and there is no auction activity. This applies to any item selling for $50 or more.

3. This is a one-time event meant primarily for a Honda/Acura vehicle that is disabled due to accident or one you've bought to use major pieces on your own car and are selling the rest. Buying a car specifically to part it out here is not allowed.

4. Planning on buying a parts car and taking future orders to sell parts of it? Absolutely not allowed. If you can't support the purchase of the parts car for repairing or modding your current car, don't buy it or plan on pre-selling parts here.


1. No Commercial Sales! This rule also applies to Direct Retail, Group Buy, and Sales of Quantity. All items sold must be items you acquired for your own use, in quantities reasonably used in normal applications, and not acquired for use in your business, for work you do on the side, or for clients that you are selling the parts to.

Exceptions may be granted but must be requested and approved before posting in a thread. Send a PM to Ron A with enough information so a ruling may be given.

This is the maximum price you are allowed to charge. You may also add OBO (Or Best Offer) to your price, which means you will accept the posted price or less, at your discretion.

3. Members are now permitted to post a link to their ebay sale in their Marketplace thread for the same item(s). If you put your item on ebay after the thread has been posted, you may add the link or mention that it is now on ebay.

4. If you are NOT INTERESTED in an item that is up for sale: DO NOT POST IN THAT THREAD. Please do not talk to your buddies or post irrelevant questions or comments.

5. It is the seller’s responsibility to set a price for the item being sold. It is not the job of members to tell the seller whether it is high or low. However, pertinent information may be allowed, at the discretion of the moderator.

6. No bootleg/pirated, illegal material, stolen property, or Porn/NotWorkSafe (NWS) material, is to be sold or traded in this forum. This restriction also applies to firearms, ammunition, and any other items related to firearms.

.....a. No copies of DVD's, especially navigational disks, will be allowed.

.....b. When posting sales for software, including computer, gaming, navi discs, movies, and software bundled with other items, a picture of the item (including a card with your user name and current date on it) as well as the seal of authenticity or other means to verify the software is genuine, is required. For navi disks. please show both the front and back of the disk, with the card and information showing in both pictures.

7. There will be NO feeler threads. Either you have an item in your possession ready for immediate SALE, or you have an item you want TO BUY OR TRADE, or you DO NOT POST A THREAD.

8. Do not intentionally "bump up" your own topic more than once a day. You may of course respond to questions, but excessive "bumping" will result in the termination of your sale. A “bump” is a post to get your thread back to the top of the page. If there has been any post made by anyone during a particular day, meaning the time stamp in the upper left hand corner reads "Today", a bump is not necessary and should not be posted.

9. Please post in your thread when each item has been SOLD. Sellers are encouraged to use tracking numbers or delivery confirmation for items in excess of $200, to protect both the seller and the buyer.

10. Members may post links to Marketplace threads, or mention items posted in the Marketplace, in their Signature or User Title, and may also post eBay links for items currently in an open sale thread. Please keep it short and to the point. Items not posted in the Marketplace cannot be linked or mentioned. Management reserves the right to edit as necessary.

11. Members are allowed to post one link to their Marketplace thread, or mention their item once, in other forums. This can only be done by posting in an existing thread. Do not start a new thread in another forum for this purpose. Items not posted in the Marketplace cannot be linked or mentioned.

12. Do NOT create a new thread for items that you have already posted. Bump your old thread or ask for permission to create a new one.

13. Please post an intelligent, descriptive subject for your thread.

.....a. Start the subject with FS (For Sale), WTB (Want To Buy) WTT (Want To Trade), or FF (For Free if you are giving something away and just asking for shipping or will ship free also)

.....b. If the item is for a vehicle, be sure and post the model (CL, 2G TL, 3G TL, etc), color, and year of the vehicle. If there is more than one year or model applicable, come as close as you can. For other items, please post a color if applicable.

.....c. If there is only one item involved, try and post that in the subject. If there are multiple items, state that also.

.....d. If your item is a vehicle, accessory, or anything else that people might want to see what it looks like, it is strongly recommended that you post pictures, or at least post that you are going to post pictures soon.

If you are in violation of ANY of these rules you will receive only 1 warning (PM or within the thread). A second violation will result in your right to post in the Marketplace being removed, or, depending on the severity of the infraction, could result in your being banned from the Acurazine Forums.
The following may be posted, at our discretion, for posters with under 50 posts or less then 3 months on the forum, for items totalling $200 or more per sale.


We advise all prospective buyers (or sellers) to be aware that this is either a new member, one with less than 50 posts, or both, so please proceed accordingly and with caution.

This in no way reflects on the integrity of the buyer or seller. It is a standard notice we put in for these members buying or selling items of substantial value.


If shipping is required, sellers are encouraged to use tracking numbers or delivery confirmation.

Buyers should request this even if it costs a few dollars more to ship. This is to protect both the seller and the buyer.


1. We do not promote/endorse any products listed for sale here.

2. All transactions are the responsibilities of the parties involved. Use sound judgment in making purchasing/payment decisions; we are neither responsible nor liable for false advertisement of products, lost sales, and/or products not received.

Please show respect to each other and abide by the rules. Thank you!
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