Oil Catch Can Setup?

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Oil Catch Can Setup?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to see if there was a picture DIY or anyone who has setup an oil catch can in the RDX. I took a look over at the WRX forums and such but would still like to confirm on proven setups by fellow RDX members. I totalled my previous RDX and have another ETS TMIC coming in and want to make sure I have a proper catch can setup in-place before installing the new TMIC.

This is from the NASIOC

How should a catch can be installed?

There are a variety of ways to install a catch can. There's one right way, two sort-of right ways, and some would argue that at least one common installation method which is wrong.

Sort of right ways:
1) Disconnect the hose which runs between the PCV valve and the turbo inlet pipe. Run a line from the PCV to the catch can, and another line from the catch can to the turbo inlet hose.

2) Disconnect the hose running between the crank case breather lines and the turbo inlet pipe. Run new hose between the breather line and the catch can and another hose between the can and the inlet pipe.

Right way:
Use two catch cans. Configure one as discussed in option one and the other as described in option 2. For optimal effectiveness, this is the way to go.

Wrong way:
Disconnect the PCV<->Inlet line as well as the Crank Vent<->Inlet line. "T" the PCV and Crank vent lines together, and run the remaining end of the "T" to a single nipple on the inlet pipe. Cap the remaining nipple on the inlet. You'll be sending boost into places that definitely shouldn't ever see any. Bad idea.
There is a few old threads from KenB350z that are missing pictures (broken links)

Thank you,
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I'll be doing this very soon I'll Include pictures
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Cool, Iíll be waiting for the write up!
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