J-001: RDX TSB's

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J-001: RDX TSB's


Follow these instructions.

1. Open this link .

2. Select any entry to fill in the information for make, year, and model, then click on "submit vehicle information".

3. Open any of the listings.

4. You can now open the below listed links.

Many thanks to TSXV6Guy for sharing this method with us.


TSB 10-008: (2007-2010 RDX) Retractable Master Key Does Not Lock in Its Extended Position

TSB 10-014: (2007-2010 RDX) Power Window Goes Up and Reverses On Its Own, Is Slow to Open and Close, or Squeals, Creaks, Clunks, or Clicks

TSB 10-019: (2007-2010 RDX) Service Manual Update: Removing the Igniter Harness From the Headlight Housing

TSB 10-020: 2011 RDX: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 10-022: (2010-2011 RDX) Center Console Armrest Will Not Latch or Stay Closed

TSB 10-027: (2007-2011 RDX) Door or Rear Shelf Speakers Rattle, or Sound Is Distorted

TSB 10-028: 2011 Acura Paint Colors and Codes

TSB 10-031: (2008 RDX) In Florida, Navigation Unit Reboots When Destination Is Entered

TSB 10-049: (2007-2011 RDX) Engine Oil Leak at the Cylinder Head Cover

TSB 11-015: (2009-2010 RDX) Driver Seat Feels Loose or Rocks

TSB 11-020: (2012 RDX) TQI and New Model Service Information

TSB 12-008: 2013 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 12-009: (2013 RDX) 2013 RDX TQI and Service Information

TSB 12-010: (2013 RDX) 2013 RDX TQI of Navigation System

TSB 12-011: (2011 RDX & 2010 TSX) Start Motor Intermittently Grinds in Cold Weather

TSB 12-025: (2013 RDX) Rear Seat Doesn't Fold Down

TSB 12-025: (2013 RDX) Front Floor Undercover Rattles at Highway Speeds

TSB 12-036: (2007-2010 RDX) MIL Comes on with DTC P0420

TSB 12-039: (2007-2011 RDX) WARRANTY EXTENSION: A/C Compressor Clutch


TSB 13-009: MIL Comes On With DTC P2646 or P2647 (2007-2012 RDX, 2002-2006 RSX)

TSB 13-011: SRS Indicator Is On With DTC 31-2x and or 32-2x (2008 RDX)

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Posted in the wrong section? this is the RDX board
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Originally Posted by wrestrepo View Post
Posted in the wrong section? this is the RDX board
Sorry for the typo! I'll be adding more TSB's in a bit!
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Thanks for sharing. I need to ck my vin to see if it will have the oil leak.
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Hmm...not working for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Is that link supposed to take you to:
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Is this only for models in the US? I did the and it said there weren't any for my vehicle
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I've been noticing my driver's seat rock just a tad back and forth. If I adjust the seat. A little it goes away and then comes back after a time. There is a TSB for rocking drivers seats 11-015 but I can't get it to open (I've followed the instructions and can open the other TSBs). Is anyone else able to open the file? Can you send it to me? Thanks
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Please post a link to TSB 11-031. Thanks.
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Are TSBs covered outside of your warranty?
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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Are TSBs covered outside of your warranty?
I hesitate to respond in this thread, but the question is a common one - NO is the answer, and TSBs are not necessarily covered even if the vehicle is still under warranty. It all depends upon what is wrong.

TSB = technical service bulletin, nothing to do with warranty. Think of it like this:

1) FSM (factory service manual) - describes how to diagnose a problem, and how to replace parts

2) TSB - it describes how to fix a specific problem, perhaps not covered directly by the FSM, or a common problem that shows up after the specific vehicle is a few years old. In other words, its additional information to supplement the FSM. There are also technical additions and corrections direct to the FSM which are periodically published, and accessible through AllData and other online repair service companies.

As an example, there is a TSB for how to *cure* the noise that occurs when the driver side RDX HVAC door control motor moves the HVAC vent-control doors. The TSB is simply to replenish the grease on the pivot points. Is that a warranty problem? No, although if you complain, it will be covered under warranty - BUT ONLY IF THE VEHICLE IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY.

There is no recall for that problem. The dealer is not going to tell you about that problem. And if you complain about that problem, whether or not it will be repaired for *free*, will depend largely upon what your dealer wants to do. My dealer offered to fix it for free - I chose to do it myself, and wrote a DIY post on this forum.

I mean, do you expect the door hinges to be regreased, without charge, because the vehicle is still under warranty? Probably the HVAC driver side vent-doors are covered under warranty, because its common, annoying, difficult to do, and Acura wants you to buy another Acura in the future.

And that is why people confuse TSBs with warranty coverage. If your vehicle is still under warranty, the TSB will sometimes be covered as a warranty repair, but its still up to the dealer, and how loudly you whine, and how expensive is the repair, and whether or not you call Acura directly (corporate).

And even if the vehicle is out-of-warranty, then the TSB may still be covered, if only for a portion/ part of the cost, under warranty - again, depends upon the dealer, how loudly you whine, and whether or not you call the Acura corporate directly.

and BTW, the above applies to all vehicle manufacturers, not just Honda/ Acura. Others may disagree with the above, but trust me, the above is how it is going to work for you. I have good relations with the service managers for the two different vehicle manufacturers and dealers for my two vehicles.

I once had Chevy partly pay for a repair on my out-of-warranty vehicle, and even the service manager said later, that he was surprised that I received any payment. But he still supported me in my request, which probably is why I did receive partial payment for the problem. My Chevy service manager knew that I often have my vehicle serviced there, and wants my continued business.

The above is a description of *HIDDEN WARRANTIES*, which occur for every vehicle model, make, and manufacturer. In other words, if the TSB covers a problem that occurs often enough, is expensive enough, and if enough people complain about it, then it will be covered *sometimes* if you whine loudly enough.

SO it pays to keep track of TSBs and other common problems for your own vehicle. That way, when Acura says they know nothing about your problem/ complaint, you can say "but there is a TSB for this problem". You still may not get your problem covered for *free* but at least you have some leverage when complaining.

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the links dont work for me
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nevermind i got it
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