Charging system error P0562

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Charging system error P0562


Iím having some issues with my RDX in cold weather conditions. I live in Georgia and experience these issues on cold mornings, however I am on a road trip to Wyoming and the cold weather issues were amplified once I made it to Colorado because itís just so cold there.

I have a constant whine coming from what I assume is the power steering pump. The fluid was replaced very recently and the noise is only present in cold climates. The steering wheel is not hard to turn, and the noise only changes slightly when the wheel is turned. In Georgia the whine goes away after the engine warms up. Now it isnít going away even after hours of driving.

I also received error code P0562 ďcheck charging systemĒ while sitting at idle in a small town. Headlights, heated seats, and AC were all on. Once I turned off those accessories the warning turned off. I had the battery and alternator tested and was told that the battery is discharged and the alternator is not providing adequate charge to the battery. The car would not start on its own and had to be jumped. Ran fine afterward. Weird thing is, the car is now driving fine on the highway and has been for the last hour. If the alternator was going bad, would it be possible to drive on the highway?

I am getting mixed signals from forums, people at auto parts stores, and friends about what could be the culprit. Could it be the battery, drive belt, or alternator?
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It purely depends on what voltage it actually is putting out when it was tested. By "adequate charge", it's likely producing just enough for the vehicle to stay operational (with no extra load such as the radio, headlights, etc.), especially while driving, but not enough to actually charge the battery.

Personally, I wouldn't trust the car to make it all the way back to Georgia given it's current condition. Without proper voltage getting to electrical components, it can cause a host of issues and leave you stranded somewhere. It's also quite likely the noises you have been hearing are the bearings in the alternator going bad as well, so you may be taking care of two problems at once by replacing it.

last piece of advise, and this is one that some agree with and some don't: only in a dire pinch do you want to purchase a chain store alternator (auto zone, napa, etc.). These alternators will absolutely go bad within a year to a year and a half, and you basically end up in a continuous cycle of purchasing them. Alternators are one of the many things that are 100 times better from the factory, so spend the coin on a new Acura one.
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You can open the hood and probably tell exactly which part is making the whine as well. Your p/s pump is right on top of the motor, and the alternator is just below it. Once under the hood it'll probably be clear which one is making the noise. If it is on its way out, I'd suggest avoiding the seat heaters until you can get a replacement - those draw a pretty heavy load. I've seen some people post that extended use, even with a good alternator, can drain the battery, but I don't know from my own experience if that's true or not.
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