What are your top 5 likes for the 2018-19 TLX?

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Originally Posted by kurtatx View Post
  • Nearly all the sedans Acura is competing with offer AWD.
  • PAWS is not AWD. There's no driving power sent to the rear wheels in that configuration
As I came across yet another SUV today with AWD hanging on a snowy boulevard in icy conditions, I am beginning to wonder if AWD systems don't provide people with a false sense of security in wintery conditions. PAWS is not AWD, but it definitely helps with cornering and some with breaking, something that AWD does not.
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SH-AWD and other torque vectoring AWD systems help in cornering..
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I don't want to start a new thread like this for the 15-17, but I have wanted to share my favorite things about mine for a while. The list is long despite how often I gripe about the cons of my ownership experience.
  1. Appearance. The TLX is a beautiful car to me, especially in white, especially with the aero kit, especially when clean. I oogle mine often and others' whenever I see them on the road or in parking lots. The white Aspec has to be one of the most gorgeous cars ever made. My wife has busted me looking in my rearview at TLXs that pass us. "I saw that."
  2. 3.5L V6, my new ZF9 and AWD. The drivetrain is great, vibration notwithstanding. Fast and very powerful when I need/want it, smooth, shifts mostly well and predictably, fun to play or drift in the snow, and handles on rails when dry.
  3. Driving characteristics/handling. The TLX is a comfortable car. Really comfortable. I can and have driven it 3+ hours straight until needing a bathroom break, but I could easily go the 6+ hours it would take to run through an entire tank of gas. The seat is plush and lacks hardness that numbs my butt or back like every other vehicle inevitably does. Besides that, the suspension is pretty awesome, because it rides smoothly and softly, but still stiff and sporty enough to not feel like a marshmallow.
  4. I wish I could just lump together a technology category.
    1. ACC and LKAS. Use these every day, every drive. Sure, these have not been perfected, but I understand their capabilities, know their quirks and respect their limitations. They are great driver assists.
    2. Remote start, seats and climate control. Use these every day too. Great to warm seat/cabin or cool seat/cabin. I know they designed the range to be long. Mine works from over 2 blocks away through buildings. I love that the remote and car communicate where yellow means sent, green means worked, red means failed.
    3. Audio/Nav/Human Machine Interface (HMI). I know the dual screens were the subject to intense negative scrutiny, but I don't mind them. The nav takes funny ways sometimes and entering places can be cumbersome, but it works fine, especially when you save typical places you frequent. The HMI screens prevent what would have otherwise required a gazillion buttons on the dash. I don't think other joysticks, iDrive and Remote Touch systems get mass praise either. The audio is one of my favorite favorites. Streaming from my phone through Bluetooth is a breeze. I also have 200 songs from my computer on a USB that I plugged into the console when I'm in that mood. I learned about HDD a couple weeks ago after inserting a CD - it saves to the car harddrive! So I saved like 30 CDs worth of songs, put the discs back in the house and use the HDD when I'm in that mood.
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Rock on, there's plenty to like about the earlier TLXs, too.
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I enjoy the following on my '18 TLX Advance:

1. The Jewel Eye Headlamps
2. The ACC
3. The distance that the Remote Start works.
4. The doors lock/mirrors fold when I walk away
5. The pushbutton transmission selector. (I know most people seem to hate it, but I like it.)
6. Good gas milage with V6 and V6 has adequate power.
7. The dual screens (Most people don't seem to like it. I have no problem with it being there).
8. The driver assistance features such as Cross Traffic monitoring when backing up.
9. I like the way that HomeLink is built into the moonroof control panel, rather than being stuck on the sun visor like a number of cars.
10. Vehicle is reasonably quiet.

Things I don't enjoy:

1. Cramped interior compared to my '11 TL
2. Exposed cupholders on console. I like when that features has a door that hides it.
3. Voice control. Does not control climate control like my old TL. Frankly other that making calls, I find it useless.
4. Wish a spare tire had been standard equipment.

What is my #1 like? So far, my TLX has been very dependable. Not in the shop once, other than routine maintenance. I drive a fairly long distance to work and dependability is very important to me. If I can't get to work, I can't get paid.
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It is a shame that Acura introduced the 2015 model with the ZF transmission issues. They have rectified most of them with the 2018 MMC and I have had no issues in 12,000 miles of driving mine. I find the car to be fun to drive and underrated and it is too bad that it is unable to shake its bad impression with many people from the introduction of the 2015 version.

I have the SH-AWD and will repeat what myself and many others have said-the 2019 models with 40 series tires on the Tech and Advance versions are head scratching to say the least. Keep that tire on the A Spec only-the road conditions today do not lend themselves to low profile tires exclusively offered especially on a car like the TLX. That will be a non-starter if they continue this with the future model.
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1. SH-AWD - living in Manitoba the Winters are brutal. I'll never go back to a non AWD car.
2. The exterior styling. Everything about the 2018-19 TLX A-SPEC's appearance is what Acura should have done from 2015 and beyond. While I added the body kit to my 2017 it wasn't the same.
3. Apple Car Play - so easy to use. For those of us that appreciate the car's stereo it's a massive step in the right direction.
4. Steering wheel. My 2014 TL had a nice beefy steering wheel. It was then reduced in my 2017 and back rot a better fit in 2019.
5. The elimination of most of the chrome on the exterior. I had done a chrome-delete on my 2017 which dramatically improved the looks. Glad Acura caught on.
6. The elimination of the fake wood in the interior. Maybe it would suit the RLX but not the TLX.
7. The red leather and red ambient lighting. It would be nice if the ambient lighting could change colours but again, a step in the right direction.
8. Lastly - my personal opinion is it's the best "bang for your buck" car on the market.
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Linmk2 , I also don’t like and don’t use the voice controls. Thankfully, CarPlay has everything I need including Siri (which does work well for me).

mano , you like some of the same things I do about the A-Spec. Just remember, SH-AWD confers a performance benefit even in dry weather. You can go through turns a little faster and pinch the gas sooner when exiting the turn because the car is closer to neutral.
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dual exhaust rear bumper!
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I only had my 19' ASpec wheels on for two months when I first got tmy 2018 ASpec Elite in September. I have winter tires with the original 2.5 rims that look good for winter, but it was so nice to get my ASpec tires and rims on last week. It ramps up the car's good looks!
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