Possible future TLX Owner with questions..

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Possible future TLX Owner with questions..

Hey guys,
I'm considering looking at getting the TLX...well that or maybe a Q50. I had a 2010 TL which I loved and gave me zero problems other than maintenance. Unfortunately I was in an accident and insurance is calling it a loss because it has 227k miles and the damage is roughly 5k even though its drivable and if it the mileage was 150k it would have been fixed probably. Anyways I am looking at used TLXs now...I've found a few 2015/2016 that I have peeked my interest. I'm in love with that Black Copper Pearl I've been looking at those and I've seen a Graphite color with bodykit that looked good.

So far the only issues I've seen to popup are transmission problems. Now, Acura has always had transmission problems as long as I have seen them...but are these issues with the tlx that bad compared to previous generations? Are they simple recalls and software updates or actual trans replacements that are needed. Also what other issues should I look out for besides the Trans?
Also should I look at certain years?
Thanks for the many threads to go thru for information but some good reads as well.
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Forget the 2015 due to known trans issues up to and including replacement. Go for 2016 or newer. There are two issues that seem to bother people the most. Laggy downshifting on the V6 model which bothers some people but not all and vibration on the SH-AWD models which does not happen on all cars but a test drive in the 70 mph speed range will rule that out on any car you are buying since that issue appears to be either the car has it or it doesn't. Not something that comes up down the road but from day 1. If you going for the 4Cyl then I don't think there are any major complaints. All of the above items are discussed extensively on these forums. This is just my opinion so others may have a different one. I have had both a 17 Fwd and 18 Sh-Awd TLX.
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Thanks a lot for the feedback. Noted...stay away from the 2015 models. I'm definitely looking at v6...not sure on the sh-awd though. That's funny to hear about the vibrations because the 4g tls had a vibration as well in the AWD models. I cant remember what part it was....there was even a tsb for it but it never solved it from my understanding. I just stayed with the 2wd model.
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I had a 16 V6 PAWS and now a 19 V6 PAWS. Ownership on both has been trouble free. You just need to bare in mind that the FWD V6 can easily break traction off the line under moderate - heavy throttle application, even with TCS on. Aside from that, it’s a great car.

i also looked at the Q50 before getting both my TLXs. It’s also a great car as well. My son has a 3.7S that I drive often enough. If it wasn’t for fuel economy, I might have gone this direction instead.
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jhb31 is right on the money. Make sure your test drive includes a ride up to 80mph. The vibration issue is real and it will wear on you after weeks, months and years not being able to fix it. The I4 with 8 speed seems to be a much better performing and more reliable package than any of the V6 with 9 speed packages. I would recommend a couple things if considering a 15 V6 SHAWD specifically. Buy it CPO, because there are several issues that may not have been fixed in years 1-3 and more issues that can pop up in years 3-4 that you will want to be covered. If it’s a low VIN, like early production under serial number 6000, pay attention to the 1-2 and 2-3 shifting. If it’s jerky between those, it could qualify for a replacement. If it’s an Acura dealer selling it, ask directly if the transmission was replaced under TSB 15-040. My original transmission was terrible but my replacement has been pretty awesome. There are people on this forum with late 15s and even 16s who hate their transmissions, but those never qualified for replacement. So a 15 with a replacement may perform and shift better than some 16 models.

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Agree with the above posters. I had a 2015 SH-AWD 3.5 Tech and loved it other than the first two shifts being a little "notched". I have test driven newer 3.5s since and found the transmission tuning much improved. Lag was never a big issue for my driving style. However, I switched to a 2016 2.4 (and now a 2018 ASpec) because I prefer the 8 speed DCT and found the engine transmission pairing to be ideal, for both city and highway driving. Some very nice acceleration at highway speeds for passing, and cruising at 75-80 mph is very comfortable. However, as I do mainly city driving, that is where the car really shines. Also, no potential issues with lag or vibration, good fuel economy, and still fun to drive. I know you are looking at the V6, but it's worth driving a never know. Saves you some cash as well
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