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If the ROI was not there, they would axe the 2nd Gen TLX, but obviously they are going ahead. I'm sure their goal will not be 60-70k units per year. If it is they need to be in a different business.
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Originally Posted by KeithL View Post
I agree in concept, but canít believe Acura expected to sell 60-70K a year, not after the 4G debacle even though on paper the TLX was back to 3G roots, but that boat sailed.
You're forgetting that the TLX replaced both the TL and TSX, so expecting to sell 60,000 a year probably wasn't a crazy unrealistic goal to Acura.

From 2009-2013, the 4G TL averaged 32,000 a year. From 2009-2013, the 2G TSX averaged almost 28,300. Combined that put annual sales a tad bit over 60,000 a year. I'm sure Acura believed the TLX to be a big improvement over the 4G TL. In some ways it was. In other ways, it wasn't.

Keeping the above in mind, would expectations of selling 35,000 to 40,000 V6 TLX's and 25,000 to 30,000 I4 TLX's be crazy?
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Originally Posted by KeithL View Post
The long cycle would not be bad if they made incremental changes. The days of FMC then 3 years to MMC will not keep them competitive. The Germans and Koreans tweak option and such all the time so they can stay in the game.
Great point. I've thought this to myself too. Technology is changing too fast and Americans have too short an attention span for the traditional release. Accord is a good example of keeping it fresh. Release, 3 years with few changes, refresh, 2 years, then redesign. Keep it moving. People get bored with the same looks and features. The 9G in particular opened my eyes to this practice. The 13-15 was a nice car, a little plain perhaps, change a package or taillight here and there, then the 16 came along. Same car, same interior, different front and rear ends. I knew several people who swooned over the 16 Touring. It honestly looked like a Mercedes Benz. Boost sales for a couple years and on to the 10G. I know it is polarizing, but I happen to love it and think it looks like an A7. The TLX came out and stayed the same for three straight years. Who would come buy a 17 that is essentially the same as the 15??

Digging into sales figures a bit more, it gets hard to align years to models because cars come out the fall of the year prior to the model. However, this does tell several stories.
-RL Gen 2 was perhaps the most advanced car Acura made, but it was a flop. So is the RLX. These are dead fish in a large sea. The ILX, as well, can't really be worth making.
-Acura had a golden age of 99-08 driven by 2G and 3G TL and 1G TSX. They were selling a ton of sedans.
-1G TLX is only selling a third of 3G TL + 1G TSX and half of 4G TL + 2G TSX. Just like AZuser said. That's pretty terrible.
-I have no doubt some of this chart is due to the SUV/CUV craze and the MDX cannibalizing Acura sales.

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