Faulty Parking Sensor

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Faulty Parking Sensor

I have a 2018 TLX Aspec AWD. Since the day I have owned the car the passenger side front parking sensor will randomly go off while driving at low speeds or at a complete stop. This occurs when nothing is around or remotely close to vehicle to trigger the sensor to trigger. It is always the same sensor that goes off. I just had the car in for its first oil change/tire rotation and asked them to check the sensor. The dealership indicated that they checked the sensor and everything looks fine. They also checked for error codes in the computer system and indicated there were none. They also told me they drove the car for 5 miles and the issue never appeared. Has any one else experienced this issue and if so what was the end result?
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I had this same exact issue with the front driver's side on mine. Initially, they were unable to reproduce it and pretty much gave me the same spiel. When I took it in for an oil change I took my service rep out for a 15 minute drive on which it fired off in exactly the same way. He suggested there may be some challenges getting it replaced under warranty w/o error codes, but they ended up replacing it under warranty and I heard nothing more about whether there were any error codes.
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Same exact problem on mine as well, except it was on my driver side. I took it to the dealer and the service advisor offered to replace the sensor without even driving it. Not sure if they've seen this problem in the past or just trying to be nice. I actually insisted to take a drive with the advisor just to make sure it wasn't another issue. The sensor was replaced but I still encounter some false alarms today, albeit very rarely.

My advice to you is to drive the car with someone from the dealership. Take the car to somewhere that you've previously experienced the sensor going off. The dealership should not deny replacement, especially if you can reproduce it while they are in the car.
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I have the same issue, almost always drivers side. It's very annoying, almost embarrassing when with passengers. It seems that sometimes the reflections from other cars will set it off.
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Originally Posted by KTDJ View Post
I have the same issue, almost always drivers side. It's very annoying, almost embarrassing when with passengers. It seems that sometimes the reflections from other cars will set it off.
Yeah, I felt the same way. Take it in and drive someone from service to demonstrate it. If they don't replace it under warranty call Acura Client Relations to see if they will intervene on your behalf.
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I turned mine off. Don't need that racket going off everytime I enter/exit my garage.
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Does anyone have any updates on this issue? Iíve had my 2018 TLX A-Spec since January 2018 and have had the front parking sensor issue since I got it. The dealer has made 5 attempts to resolve the issue, all unsuccessful. Iíve been dealing with Acura Client Relations for several months which has been a complete joke. They just keep referring me back to the dealer and the dealer says they are simply doing what Acura technicians are telling them to do. I take videos on my phone to prove the issue is still happening because I canít guarantee itís going to happen when the dealer drives it. I believe 4 out of the 5 visits the sensors have been replaced. It originally started on the front driver side but after the 1st or 2nd repair attempt it moved to the passenger side being the issue. The sensor goes off when I stop at a stop sign or traffic signal and there is nothing in front of the car, or just other cars around me at an intersection stopped but not a reason for them to go off. One time I was in a parking spot with the car in drive and the sensors were just going crazy and nothing in front of the car.
Any advice on how to get this resolved?
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This has been going on since the 2015's. Mine still does it occasionally. Mine often does it when crossing a specifc railroad track. Other times, I've seen it happen while driving at low speeds or stopped on the freeway in rush-hour traffic. I've had it apply the brakes for no apparent reason, although that one is far more rare.
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The only time I notice this is when I've got excessive dirt or ice on the sensors, for which my fix is to clean the sensors at the next stop. That would for sure be a sucky problem if that weren't the case for me. Happens a lot this time of year for me.
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It happens more typically backing out of the garage, which is not an issue. The only other times it happened while I was stopped in traffic was also likely due to the dirt and grime this time of year. It's on and off so quick that i really don't worry about it.
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