At The Drags......

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At The Drags......

Dunno if its good or bad...I have an '02 CL-S..AEM CAI...DC Sports headers....Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulleys...B&M trans cooler....took it to Quaker City Drag Strip......6 run was the 1st one for ET...15.33 at 89.87 MPH was the 3rd run...90.44...I had a blast guys...any and all comments welcome...
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is that how much it should be? i would expect more w/ all those mods, but i dont know about these cars.
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That's awful. What were your 60 foot times? How much gas did you have. What PSI were your running. Gate shift, SS or left it in auto?
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Originally Posted by TripFontaine View Post
...I had a blast guys...
In the end thats all that mattered
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Yeah...doesn't sound too impressive with the mods.

But least you had fun!

+1 CLS6SpeedNupe
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also, did you load up the torque converter or launch at idle? that trap is pretty low. should be around the mid 90's.
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Originally Posted by TripFontaine View Post
Dunno if its good or bad...I have an '02 CL-S..AEM CAI...DC Sports headers....Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulleys...B&M trans cooler....took it to Quaker City Drag Strip......6 run was the 1st one for ET...15.33 at 89.87 MPH was the 3rd run...90.44...I had a blast guys...any and all comments welcome...
We've got good news and bad news. Bad news comes first.

Those times are pretty crappy assuming reasonable track and temp conditions. With a CAI, headers and underdrive pulleys, you should be breaking into the 14's. I have less mods (no pulleys and SRI instead of CAI) and I can run a 14.717 at 97mph in my 03 CLS 6MT (admittedly a 6MT should be able to run a little quicker, but .613 of a second is a long time in drag racing).

The good news is you have every reason to go back and try to improve your times. You now have a good baseline for what you and your car can accomplish, go an back and brake your old records.

You definitely left something on the table, Being a 6MT guy, I don't have much useful info on how to launch an auto well, if fact, I kinda suck at the launch anyway
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I would hope our CLS's run a little better than that. But a good time is a good time right!

I have not ran mine yet, but I'm guessing thats were I'd be running with just a underdrive pulley and at 5000 Ft elevation. 15.3's to 15.5's. Just guessing based on other cars I've track here. Who knows!
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You need to check your IMRC.
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I agree with everyone, I hate to say it but I took my car to the track after I had it for about a year and ran better. I was 100% stock with a quarter tank, factory rims, and two 12" subs in the trunk and ran a 15.1 at little over 90 or something. It was a while back, but with all those mods I would hope you can do better. You had a good time, so just get back there and stomp your old best time! Glad you enjoyed the run man!
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Proper shifting is the key I guess.

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dc headers--- $350
aem intake---- $200
unorthodox pulleys----- $200
Running the quarter mile .5 seconds lower than a stock cls can--- priceless
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It's always fun for me too, so

If this is your first time to run at a track, I'm betting there are lots of things that you can do that will improve your times. I can say first hand from teaching one of our local area first timers that most people don't realize that running an automatic is a bit more complicated that just lining up and punching the gas.

Anyway, he had a TypeS with headers and a couple of other mods and ran a couple of low 15s and a high 14. After a few rounds he knocked 1/2 sec off his times. The 2 biggest items he worked on was his launch and shifting. These 2 items will kill your times if you don't do them. And both take practice.

Launching your car - practice launching your car are different RPMs. This does 2 things . . 1st it preloads the torque converter with energy, and this get power to wheels quicker. 2nd, higher RPM = higher HP/TQ - basically your engine makes more power at 1800RPM than it does at 800RPM, and the time it takes to get from 800 to 1800 may be a tenth of a second or so, but it all adds up, especially in this case as a good 60' is important to a good trap speed. You'll need to play with what RPM works best as depending on weather and track surface conditions you will need more or less . . . and depending on how many runs you make you will have to adjust a little as you go.

The other item is gate shifting. I've proven with time slips that gate shifting gives me 3 to 5 tenths better results. But you need to practice your shifts as these engines rev quickly to REDLINE and the dreaded rev limiter will kill your times, so practice practice practice . . . and have fun setting personal bests each time you go out.


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Well it is certainly not due to elevation which is 1210ft above sea level there at that track. You should still be in the mid 14's without trouble with those mods. Something is wrong with your vehicle to only be trapping 90mph with those mods. Even a stock Auto CL-S or 02-03 TL-S should run 93+MPH at a minimum.
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You should be in the 14's at least. Practice your launches. For me it worked best with VSA off, 21psi in tires, loading the torque converter to 1800ish and in SS. I tried gate shifting but didn't like it specially when it goes from 2nd to 3rd so fast and I hit the rev-limiter a few times. [email protected] with just a K&N filter is my best and my 60's are 2.2-2.3's, nothing to brag but decent I guess.
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practice is the key i agree when i was first time on the track i ran 14.85 (not bad) but last time i did 14.35 with the same car same mods(mean no mods :P) but i just better launched and better shifted my gears, 60' 2.227 other way ive no idea how to launch automatic i can tell you only about stick so GL and let us know about your progress
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Is there a post with everyone's 1/4 mile ETs and 60 foots?
Would be cool to keep record and comparisons with what ever mods were done.
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