1993 Vigor GS 5MT Build

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Got my car back around 4pm, they fixed the wipers! Problem ended up being the under hood fuse box. The prong that the 30am wiper circuit fuse makes contact with was broken. They were able to fix it, now they work beautifully!

My service adviser was a champ. And the tech who worked on my car as well. He's one of the older guys who has seen some stuff. They wold me a few weeks ago they completely re-wired a 92 Legend for a customer to give to his son. They pulled up pictures of the customers car to show me the wiring mess. Amazing dealership honestly, most places I feel like wouldn't touch it.

The same tech turned his attention back to my car and questioned how I managed the 5 lug hub swap, RL brake calipers and what it was lowered on. I think he liked it a lot. They said this is the first Vigor they have seen come through in several years. I'm sure they'll remember this one!

I go back Monday to start the diagnoses of the bogging. I showed the tech a few clips of the issue and told him all the parts that have been replaced. Mentioned I have a back up ECU to swap out, he said the current one installed could have a leaking capacitor and since the issue is only present after driving for some time it is likely due to heat expansion inside the ECU from operation/ run time and then that's when the issue arises. He's not sure about it being fuel pressure, he mentioned it could be pulling timing since the pattern is so distinct. I had never considered that before but it makes total sense. Low fuel pressure could but really isn't likely to be that persistent with the bogging.

Before I left the dealer I picked up 3qts of MTF for half price. Parts department told me they never sell the stuff anymore and only keep 7 qts in stock now.

Tomorrow I'll swap ECU's, swap in MTF and probably hollow out the catalytic converter then get some exhaust work done.

Checked fluids when I got home. Oil is clean and at the same level as before, no milky residue under valve cover cap, PS fluid the same, everything. Though the coolant reservoir is lower again but I can't see where or if there is a leak this time. Still no smoke or anything coming from the exhaust and it smells about like the TSXs. Maybe the coolant just leveled itself out. I'll keep an eye on it.

So happy that this is moving along and so positively!
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New fuel filters and cleaned out the tank. The car is now 100% problem free.

OK not really. I have a small coolant leak coming off the radiator lower hose and pipe B because the clamps are old.

Installed a 21mm rear sway bar and the car feels totally different now.

Don't worry about the location, it's a safe area and no blind spots over the hill.

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Looks and sounds great.

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Wow. Okay so today I removed the exhaust system and replaced it with 2.5" SS tubing from the header back leaving the cat and resonator behind and only installing a dual outlet...knock off flow master thing.

I have a few videos. It's really loud. Has a terrible 2,000-3,700rpm rasp and overall just sounds a bit like a tin can. I know 2.5" is a tad big for my application and should have went with a 2.25" because I can feel a little less power below 3,000rpm but thankfully it pulls much harder everywhere above that! I might grab a 60mm TB and port match before it's over to help out upper end. Highway drone is there. Radio is no use now lol.

I think I'm going to go back and install a Vibrant resonator and a smaller mid muffler and then swap this muffler out for a deeper toned Magnaflow. To me it sounds a bit much like a clapped out Chevy Tahoe unless I'm over 5,000rpm.

That all being said I paid less than $280 to have it all done and it does overall sound better than before.

Heck, I might just calculate and make a helmholtz resonator for it.

Please, honest opinions on it! I definitely miss the dominating induction noise. Maybe routing a small tube into the HVAC is in order lol. Kidding!

<b>Awesome new rear brake line leak. 21mm sway bar also. </b>
<b>Reused my old TSX tips. Their condition matches the rest of my car!
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sounds great just like any other 5cyl which is awesome
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Clean do that yourself?
Vibrant resonators are awesome from what I recall.
Get some badges on that rear end or properly debadge!
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