Italy Raises Speed Limits

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Italy Raises Speed Limits

In a move which has outraged safety groups, Italy has raised speed limits in a radical bid to lower the annual 6,410 death toll on its highways.

Transport Minister Pietro Lunardi said it means a 93mph limit on motorways, and came about because research showed speed was only a factor in nine per cent of accidents. He added: "All psychologists and doctors say people who go faster drive better and are more careful."
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thats hilarious...
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Thats top 10 most rideculous thing ive ever herd
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damn wish they would do that in california!
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haha, thats great, someone send this to Gray Dufus and maybe he'll follow suit, hes certainly done much stupider things

what we really need is a US autobahn
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that is actually a proven fact. Speed is rarely an issue in most accicdents.
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The real reason the raised the limits is because nobody even pays attention to the speed limit on the highways and the limits usualy don't get enforced. They don't have a problem with slow people in the left lanes and aggressive drivers moving through traffic radically. Most of the dumb drivers stay off the highways there.
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Originally posted by joeshmoe
Most of the dumb drivers stay off the highways there.
Should be like that everywhere.
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they should come here and propose that, i'd prefer a 60mph limit as the LOWEST on non residential streets. i find myself and many others doing this and NOT getting killed. 60 isnt even fast, i feel like im barely moving.
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Damn... 150km/hr! That is Kool!... That would go well with some kids if adopted in Canada.... there are some major HW in Quebec like the one connecting Sherbrook and Montreal (~120 miles) where some kids in Jettas are drivining 100+ MPH.

Once I was on the left lane, doing some 85 MPH in Chevey Cavalier and just saw my little mirror a freaking kid in a Jetta doing like a 120 MPH... I was .... Sure I merged right in a panic ...Maybe he wants to do Sherbrook to Montreal in 1hr or so....
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Being a doctor that's occasionally on the trauma team in a major bay area hospital, I see a lot of patients from motor vehicle accidents. 90% are due to drunk driving.

Funny then that the cops spend so much time trying to catch speeders. I guess drunk driving convictions aren't as profitable as speeding tickets and "fixit" tickets.
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im convinced speed limits are purposely low because it is a huge source of income for counties. there is a small town in central florida called Starkee that is notorious for speed traps. on one side of a hill (one of the few in FLA) its something like 60mph and on the other its 35 or something rediculous. they routinely have cops hiding in overgrown areas or around corners. its simply rediculous and should be illegal.

BTW im more worried about a drunk driver than driving down the road at 95+mph (or even seeing other people speed, eventhough its rare). i dunno about you guys but i feel more alert and keen to my surroundings when i drive hella fast.
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93 mph
what the ?
that is crazy
55 out here in jersey
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Originally posted by clstyle
93 mph
what the ?
that is crazy
55 out here in jersey

time to leave wny and see that its 65 in nj

tpke and gsp

welcome to yesterday
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Work safe avatar bish :D
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In Ecuadro, south america, the speed limit = HOWEVER FAST YOUR CAR CAN GO you never get pulled over. Well unless is lunch time, then all the cops are looking for bribes so you slip them ten bucks and they leave you alone.
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