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XM Traffic stopped working in Northern Virginia

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XM Traffic stopped working in Northern Virginia

Attachment 92507 Hello- Wondering if anyone else subscribing to XM traffic and lives in Fairfax County VA is experiencing this issue. About 2 weeks ago I stopped receiving real time traffic on a few roads that are in the XM traffic coverage area. I stopped receiving traffic updates on my nav unit on 66 west of the DC beltway, The DC beltway west of DC, The Dulles toll road and 95 south. Maryland seems to be fine. I called XM to report the issue but haven't received any answer. Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice.
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I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have come across your posting regarding DC area traffic issues. A little about my (identical) scenario:

I do not own an Acura, but instead a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. (that is seemingly the only difference in our stories). I also live in Fairfax County, right off of I-95, just above the Occoquan River. I can see I-95 on my map from my parking space at my home. In summer of 2016 (15 months ago or so), Hyundai sent me a free map & software update to install, which I gladly did. The installation & update went smoothly. Except that my on-screen traffic info was now gone from my map screen! I discovered soon thereafter that if I crossed the Wilson Bridge into Maryland, the traffic indicators would appear the second I hit the Maryland shoreline of the Potomac. Once I left Northern Virginia, the traffic would initialize & display until I shut off the car – even into VA. But once shut off, the traffic would (and still will not) initialize and show on screen here in NoVa.

I have been back and forth endlessly with the 3 companies that could be responsible for fixing it; Hyundai, the map company and XM. They were all pretty quick to put the blame on the others. I am STILL working with XM to try to get this issue resolved. I am in fairly regular touch with an escalated XM help person in NY who is trying to get this problem solved for us. BUT, we just had our car in the Hyundai shop, being inspected by both Hyundai & XM engineers to see what they can figure out. After a week, we got our car back without a resolve (but we now are on our 3rd radio, without a fix).

You are not alone. In your photo, I can see our region of Northern Virginia totally void of traffic data. I am right under the “W” in the I-66 W notation at the bottom. Interestingly, though, I own 2 cars, parked side-by-side, and my 2011 Hyundai never fails to show traffic data. It’s being transmitted, but my 2014 will not initialize and show it.

If there is any resolve forthcoming, I will definitely post a follow-up here to your post. If you have any luck getting this ironed out, please post and let me know!

My best,

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