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---------------->> **Audio/Video - DIY, Info and FAQ - All Models ** <<------------


---------------->> **Audio/Video - DIY, Info and FAQ - All Models ** <<------------

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Arrow ---------------->> **Audio/Video - DIY, Info and FAQ - All Models ** <<------------

DIY & Reference Thread

*** If you feel a thread or any information should be added to this section please or if there's a dead link or something needs updated send me a PM(click Here to send me a PM) with a link to the thread and I'll gladly review and add it.
Car Audio Basics / Info. / Reference Guide

?? --> Some Pictures or Images No Longer Working or Even a Dead Site/Link/URL? You can go back to archived version using this LINK

  1. How To Renew Your XM for $77 or less for 12 Months
  2. Car Audio Basics or SQ for Noobs
  3. Info and How To "Amp Up" Your Factory System
  4. AVIC N1 / AVIC N2 / AVIC D1 - Video Lockout Info.
  5. MP3 Bitrate Info.
  6. Hacking The Navigation
  7. Sound / Demo Boards at Big Chain Retail Stores etc
  8. Radio and Navigation Retrieval Codes
  9. Design Speaker Box or Calculate Air Space
  10. Speaker Box Calculator
  11. Owner's Manuals-All Acuras and Hondas since 1990
  12. Find Out What Speakers Fit Your Car
  13. General Radio and Install Info
  14. Lost Steering Wheel Controls After Adding Aftermarket Headunit? PAC Audio Offers the Solutions
  15. Wiring Info
  16. Installing a Radio Yourself - Instructions by make and model
  17. Connecting BlueTooth to OnStar

Dash Kits and Wiring Harnesses(In No Particular Order)
  1. Scosche
  2. Metra

Auxillary Inputs / iPod and MP3 Adapters(In No Particular Order)
  1. iSimple
  2. Blitzsafe
  3. IceLink / Dension
  4. USA Spec
  5. Dice Electronics
  6. Logjam Electronics
  7. SoundGate
  8. PIE Electronics
  9. Harman Kardon Drive + Play

How To Post Pictures


Second Gen CL (2001-2003)

Ultimate FAQ Answer Thread for the CL
  1. IceLink/IPod Install
  2. Stock Sound System Info
  3. Stock Amp & HeadUnit Wiring Diagram
  4. Shock Sensor Install
  5. Shock Sensor Install
  6. Adding an Amp
  7. Head Unit and Center Console Removal
  8. Door Panel Removal
  9. Navigation Wiring Diagram
  10. Radio and Navigation Retrieval Codes
  11. Rear Speaker Removal
  12. Removing Door Panel
  13. Retain your Navi prompts with an Aftermarket Headunit.
First Gen CL (1997-1999)

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    TSX Section

    Second Gen TSX (2009-Present)

    Audio, Electronics, BlueTooth and Navigation ---> Info.

    First Gen TSX (2004-2008)

    General FAQ's about the TSX Audio system
    1. What are my options for upgrading the TSX audio system?
    2. Radio and Navigation Retrieval Codes
    3. Alpine Type S Speaker Upgrade
    4. Alarm / Remote Start / VSS Wiring Info for TSX
    5. Step-by-Step -- How to Make Spacers for Door Speakers
    6. How To Make Spacers for Door Speakers (Con't.)
    7. Removing the Radio / Navi
    8. Center Console Removal(Armrest Portion)
    9. Center Console and Amp Removal
    10. Center Console Removal Tips
    11. Accessing the Amp
    12. Console/Stereo-HVAC Rattle Fix
    13. Adding a Subwoofer and Amp
    14. USA Spec PA15-HON2 iPod Adapter Install 05 w/ NAVI and XM
    15. Aftermarket Bluetooth
    16. Muting the Stereo / Mute Wire
    17. Mute Wire (continued)
    18. Parrot Kit Install
    19. Hard Wired Radar Detector / Valentine One
    20. Gas Spring Trunk Replacement
    21. Carpet Floor Removal
    22. TSX Sound Deading Info / DIY
    23. DIY AUX Input (NO SNHOND3 / usa spec or similar)
    24. The CORRECT way to bypass the TSX stock audio amp (all years)NOTE: This thread is no longer available.

    Satellite Radio:
    1. Sirius Satellite Radio
    2. XM Commander Install
    3. Satellite Radio Install
    4. Satellite AND Auxillary Input
    5. Satellite Radio

    Door Panel Removal / Speaker Removal:
    1. Front Door Panel Removal
    2. Door Panel Removal
    3. Door Panel Removal - Front
    4. Door Panel Removal - Front
    5. Door Panel Removal - Front (cont)
    6. Door Panel Removal - Front (cont)
    7. Speaker Removal - Front
    8. Speaker Removal - Rear
    9. Stock Info

    Head Units:
    1. HeadUnit FAQ
    2. Finished Pics of AVIC-N1

    Navi / TV / DVD Tuners:
    1. TVandNaviToGo.com (Doms Unit) Install/Info
    2. AVElectroic Nav TV / Conversion
    3. RGB Converter
    4. Non-Navi to Navi Complete **Pictures No Longer Work**
    5. All the Navi Info You Need
    6. Doms Navi Conversion - 2006 TSX Non-PnP Install
    7. Doms Navi Conversion - 2006 TSX Kick Panel Install
    8. 2004 Dom's Nav and UsaSpec install
    9. DVD Player with Custom Harness
    10. DIY Backup Cam w/ navigation, (No Dom's unit / adapter needed) for 2006/2007 only

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    RL Section

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    How To Post Pictures, Resize Pictures and Add/Edit Your Avatar

    Not Safe for Work Rules and Guidelines

    If you want to post pictures, first you need to get a photo host, like Photobucket or Imageshack or ImageEvent

    In order to post a picture in your posts, you need to follow these three easy steps:

    1) Resize your photo and save it as a JPG.
    - If your picture is too big (ie larger than 800x600 pixels) it will take too long for everyone to download and it won't fit on most people's screens.
    - If you don't already have photo editing software, there's an excellent freeware utility called Easy Thumbnails that couldn't be any easier to use.

    2) Host the photo on a webserver.
    - If your internet service provider doesn't include web space, use Imageshack. There's no registration required and it's ridiculously easy.

    3) Link to the photo in your post.
    - You can either use the insert image button in the Post New Thread window or you can use IMG tags in your post like this:
    HTML Code:
    **If you can't find the address of your picture you can always right click on the picture and then look for "Link Properties" then you'll see the "Address"


    How To Add and Edit Your Avatar

    1. Edit your pic to proper size, cannot bigger than 175 (Left column minus 5 pixel margins) x 125 (previously 96x196), as well as 100.00KB will remain the upload limit

    2. Click Your Account

    3. Click Edit Avatar

      1. You can browse your own computer for a new avatar (Upload an Avatar From Your Computer: )

      2. You can add a link to where your avatar is hosted (Enter Avatar URL: )

        1. Find image uploader

        2. Upload your pictures

        3. Copy that [IMG] link

        4. Click User CP on your top-left corner

        5. Click Edit Avatar of Control Panel on your top-left corner

        6. Check Use Custom Avatar

        7. Post that link without [IMG] into the field

        8. Save changes

    For example, Original Avatar:


    Altered To:



    How To Easily Edit and Resize Pictures

    How To Easily Edit and Resize Pictures
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