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2002 RSX Base randomly shuts off while driving


2002 RSX Base randomly shuts off while driving

Old 08-16-2017, 08:54 AM
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2002 RSX Base randomly shuts off while driving

I'm at my wits end and am desperate for help.

2002 Acura RSX Base Auto

What happens:
This car runs perfect and still gets great gas mileage, but it randomly shuts off while driving, but comes right back on. If it shuts off at a stoplight, it will stay off, but will start right back up with the key. It is very random, but seems to do it more when it’s warmer outside. Above 83 degrees or so.

What it does when it happens:
The lit up "D" on the dash shuts off, tach goes to 0. It does this randomly and with not much frequency. It comes right back on, but will do it more and more as the drive continues. I hear the gear selector solenoid click, and also hear the Main Relays click. If the drive continues for a while, the car will get to the point where it won't rev past 3000. Shutting it off and letting it cool generally stops the problem.

Car stalled in my garage one time, and I let it sit with the key on. PGM-FI Relay continued to randomly click, and the “D” would go on and off with the clicks, even though it was in Park. The PGM-FI relay and another one for the ECM are directly behind the glove compartment. They both get very hot. Practically burn your hand hot.

It seems to be an electrical problem and something is drawing? on this circuit. It almost seems that if the Relays get Hot enough, they’ll trip briefly, cutting off the fuel pump. What could be causing these relays to get hot? Do they normally get that hot?

I had a CEL for a while, turned out to be P0325, the Knock Sensor. I replaced that and have had no further CELs and the car still does it.

No other CELs and the car runs perfect otherwise.

Have replaced:
Knock Sensor
Spark Plugs
Main Relays (Brown 4 pin and Blue 5 pin) behind glove compartment
Ignition Switch behind key cylinder
Negative Battery Cable and cleaned the grounds.

I have searched extensively on the internet and checked with local Honda and Acura dealers and have hit dead ends everytime.

Looking for any help or even if there is anyone else who's had this problem.
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