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Dustyn 93 06-10-2019 06:12 AM

04 TL Tein Lowering Springs/ Drivers Side Rear Is Way Lower!
Hello everyone, I have an 04 Acura TL and just installed Tein STech lowering springs on my car and just noticed my left rear I have to stick one finger in at an angle to measure the gap and on the right rear side I can put my finger in straight. Iím wondering if there is a reason that the right side is higher than the left? Anyone have any input? It rubs the wheel well too. Maybe it has to do with the rubber bump stops? On the left side I was able to trim it like the Tein directions said, but the right side I couldnít get the rubber protective boot off to trim the bump stop it seemed like it was seized on there. That is my only thought as to what it could be, but the right side shouldnít be up higher because itís resting on the stop? There is still travel in the strut. So that basically cancels that out right? Any input would be appreciated. I probably shouldíve just saved and gone with coil overs! Not sure if you can tell the difference by the pictures. Thank you!

numairh 06-11-2019 03:47 PM

Make sure your tire pressure is even. That can make your car sit uneven if itís off by just 2-3 psi.

oraclem20 06-11-2019 03:55 PM

Check your psi, check what's in your trunk and it's weight distribution. A remote located battery on one side of the trunk or the other could cause it to lean with the weak STech Springs. Otherwise i'd likely say it's the fact that you cut some material off of the left side, and didn't off of the right side. If you aren't going to do something right, you'll be doing it again. I'd check your psi and stuff in your trunk to see if it makes a difference, but other than that modification of one side and not the other then having side by side differences seems to be a pretty clear cut answer.

BROlando 06-11-2019 05:34 PM

None of the corners of your car weigh the same. Ride height isn't even on the stock springs either.

That being said:
were all the bushings properly clocked? were they loosened and then re-tightened at your new ride height?

are you measuring on even ground? Your driveway is nowhere near even. Nor is your garage. Or your street. Or your parking lot.

Is your trunk empty?

Any additional weight in the car?

You should trim the bumpstop, as per the directions. I think that at the height you are at, the stock length bumpstop will be engaged.

Your ride heights barely look different in the photos.

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