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2017 RDX advanced led fog lights

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2017 RDX advanced led fog lights

New member here, but long time, Element owner (EOC) and current CR-V owner. Having had a '15 touring CR-V, which was horrible, vibration @ idle, crap stereo and an assortment of other issues, I traded it in for a '16 touring. What a difference! But what I realize now is I need more power, so I'm currently looking at the RDX advanced AWD. Found the vehicle and agreed on the price ($41k) and agreed on the trade in price, but couldn't agree on the fog light price, dealer wanted ($1k) for accessory installed. I wasn't about to pay that much, Acura online price quote is $675, then the sales manager comes over and try's to explain that it needs to be wired and he has a union shop and just won't budge on the price. I took out my iPad and showed him the instructions from Benardiparts (which sells the fogs for $475) and since the advanced has fogs already, all they have to do is remove the bumper cover, remove non led fogs/ install led fogs and reinstall the bumper cover. These idiots would not budge and became insulted that I knew more then them. So I would up walking...I know I can install these myself, I've done it before on the element, but I would prefer the dealer install, just to be covered, it is a new car after all....which has lead me to this website, after reading a few threads, I've decided to move up to the MDX.....just wanted to pass along my experience and say hello.......

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Good luck with your new MDX!
There are a few members here that have switched out their RDX halogen fog lights for the OEM LED fogs or aftermarket LED housing fogs. Since those vehicles are already wired to accept fog lights, the swap is not a difficult one. $1k for the dealer to do it sounds insane.
I plan to swap to LED housing fogs in the near future.
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That's a good price for a '17 RDX-adv...
however I thought the fogs were standard equip in the adv package.
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Originally Posted by Himecraig View Post
That's a good price for a '17 RDX-adv...
however I thought the fogs were standard equip in the adv package.
Fogs are. LED fogs are not.
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Mine is not equipped with fog lights. I'll see if I do the mod.
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And does it bug anyone that Acura puts LED headlights in and fogs that don't match...but sells them as (expensive) kits? I can see Honda doing something like that. You'd think Acura would be a cut above.

I purchased a pair of the Morimoto LED fogs. Need a fender well replaced due to hitting an animal on the turnpike. The shop is going to replace the fogs at no charge, since it's easy to do while things are disassembled.
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Yes, It bugs the HECK out of me that the fog lights DO NOT MATCH!! That being said, I just recently notice that one of my fog lights was knocked out therefor, I need to replace. Can I just get reg fog lights but brighter white? I'm thinking that may help match up. Or since I need to replace one light anyway should I get the Led conversation kit? Plus if I do get the kit how much should I pay to have it installed, and what kind of kit? Thank you all in advance
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It is very simple to change a 2017 Advance from Halogen bulbs to LED bulbs that match the headlight's color temperature. Look at this thread https://acurazine.com/forums/2g-rdx-...cement-952127/. I took me no more than 10 minutes to do both sides. Just a bulb swap; no conversion kit needed.
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If I end up going RDX route, 2017-2018 tech or advance AWD will be probably the choice, however I am thinking of exploring in that case aftermarket fog LED lights... reason being is: visibility with LED headlights is pretty bad in my opinion.
So far HID really kills "jewel" design, and I also do not like there is no adaptive headlights on RDX either... ok I can live without it, but fog lights, I would pay up to 1k to get additional super bright output to boost overall visibility considering headlights are far cry from HID on my RL...
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Originally Posted by Jesbecause View Post
dealer wanted ($1k) for accessory installed.
In case you run into the same issue with the MDX you should know it's only a bulb change. Really! Pull back the fender liner, remove the OEM bulb, replace it with an LED and button everything up again. It's a simple 20 minute job in your garage. Instructions were posted in this Acurazine thread last year. It sounds to me like the dealer was ready to take your $1000, pop in $35 worth of parts and smile all the way to the bank. Time to find a different dealer.


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