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Originally Posted by 01tl4tl View Post
its not IF you bleed all the lines- you MUST bleed the 4 corners
LF RF RR LR and no other bleed order will work--differant than most cars--due to ABS plumbing

Its tough to get air in the abs controller without opening a line for a long period of time but just in case- try this
bleed system per correct order then
Assuming you now have some brakes do 2, 45 mph to 0 full stops with the abs active
that means driving thru water or something to make it slippery- then the abs will start working and pump any air from its core out to the caliper-
the pedal must be shaking under your foot or its not in abs active mode
rebleed if better 2nd time and should be fine

the test is 2 full stops- if the 2nd time has a firmer pedal you had air in the controller

These brakes are simple to work on~
On brembo front calipers bleed the outer screw until clean clear fluid only comes out- then the inner--bubbles hide so keep going after first sight of clean fluid--do it several more times
top off master
move to next wheel- top off master- move to next wheel

note- manual bleeding with a friend helping- if friend isnt a skilled tech place a small bit of 2x4 wood under the brake pedal so it only travels 3/4 to the floor- thats its normal movement range.
Going past that and to the floor- especially more than once, CAN damage the oring seal and ruin the master cyl !!!!!!
Once its seal is bad- it wont build any pressure when you pump the brakes and will sink to floor if pressure help to pedal

I needed to get my fluid changed (long overdue) and would just like to reaffirm to everyone else who reads the above post - this is the way to do it. You can do it by yourself too (see wood method) but it takes a little longer.
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